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    I have come across this in the past few days where I would click on a link or type in something to search and I would get directed to the full site that is for computers with large screens.

    It would be really nice to be directed to the mobile site for what I am looking up, if that option is available. Sometimes I don't want to always be typing in

    I'm on a mobile device, the site should recognize that. WebOS should function that way.

    Who else is with me?
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    One of the best things about having a webkit browser is the ability to view full websites... there are very few occations when I would prefer the mobile site to the full site. For those places, I don't have an issue directing myself to the mobile site.

    To each their own I guess.

    You can always install the iPhone User Agent Spoof patch...
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    yes pres webbrowser is made for being capable of viewing full web sides and thats awesome. thats one of the things that makes that phone good.
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    sorry your on your own lol and if you wanna watch it as a mobile side then just type it in. webos is made for web thats why it is called WEB OS
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    Quote Originally Posted by antiami View Post
    I'm on a mobile device, the site should recognize that. WebOS should function that way.
    I don't believe there's anything that WebOS can do about this ... it would be up to the web site to detect the browser type and re-direct you. There's a few that do this (or at least ask and give you a choice) but most don't. The "" format is just a convention, and not all mobile sites follow it.

    As others mentioned, the good news is that the WebOS browser actually handles full web sites pretty well. What I do is just to bookmark the ones where I like the mobile site better.
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    Palm could solve this is in webOS in an instant if they applied the same iPhone User Agent Spoof patch that we use.

    In fact it would be dramically easier for them than for our patch developer because he has to refit his patch into their code every update.

    And while they are at it, Palm could take say 100 or so other no-brainer patches.

    Why, you might ask, don't they do this since the development and testing is already done...

    - Craig
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    The only probem for me is that web pages that are not mobile are microscopic. I can't see them at all and when I pinch to zoom out it makes the page tricky to read. It's moving all over the place! So I also would rather have mobile web sites.
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    Again, it's up to the developer of a site to determine how content is to be displayed on their site.

    The only thing that Palm could do (and should do, IMHO) is to allow the user to change the user string from iPhone or WebOS or desktop. I think this would solve a lot of issues for users, yet still provide the ability to toggle whether the mobile version of a site would be shown or not. But, one has to understand that some sites simply don't have a mobile version.
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    I'm totally fine with the browser as is. Applying a spoof like the iPhone User Agent patch does things like break compatibility with (media server app for getting files from your home PC), for one instance, so I'd rather if something like that is brought out, it be an option in the browser itself that you can turn on and off at a whim.

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