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    For a while I have heard a lot of rumors that palm would release some new hardware in the summer for the sprint premier customers. To me it seems this isn't likely to happen.

    First palm seems focused on getting the pre and pixi on as many carriers as possible. Not like Palm is going release on new carriers and then say well here is something better only for sprint.

    Secondly there have been no leaks or inside rumors on the matter at all and we are only a few months away from the date premier customers can get a new phone.

    To me it seems like there will be no new hardware, at least not in the near future and palm is going to focus on expanding carriers and improving the os. What do you guys think?
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    regarding hardware improvements, you've already heared about the pre plus?

    still, i think palm should release a third phone later this year, with a virtual keyboard only.
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    I think it would be awesome for them to release new hardware for us Sprint start-ups, however I think it is much more likely that the update we get for the June would be the pre plus and maybe the pixi plus.
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    naw I dont think there going to release a pre plus or pixi plus for sprint that wouldnt makes sense, and they would lose money. That would be a bad decision, there releasing the plus versions for all the other carriers first, then of course come out with a new model this fall for sprint since they have a contract with sprint. Thats the rotation of all there palm os phones, they would release a Palm version for sprint then everyone else would get it months later. So expect a new Palm Web OS phone for sprint this fall or early 2011. I think right now there trying to optimize the Web os on the pre and pixi phones first, before releasing another phone all together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toddrules View Post
    Secondly there have been no leaks or inside rumors on the matter at all and we are only a few months away from the date premier customers can get a new phone....
    ..and how much did we know about the Pre before the CES announcecment last year? Palm has excellent leak control...
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    Hold on, let me get my crystal ball out again.....
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    Well I for one will start to seriously look at Android if the Pre Plus is still the best webOS phone come this Fall.
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    Im betting Palm is working on the Foleo w/WebOS. Seems like an easy win for them given the clout the iPad and Netbook in general have. It wont be an earth shattering device, however, it will keep them in revenue for a couple of more years.

    I agree with DallasHigh, if the Supersonic is unchallenged on Sprint in June I will be considering leaving the platform as well.

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