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    Hey all,

    I have Twee for my twitter addiction, er, I mean usage and it works well for my needs. But I am having a problem with notifications. I have it set to send me notifications of @mentions and direct messages, but I never get any notifications sent to my Pre+ ... Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to have something set on the twitter website or something first?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I've just recently noticed that I'm not getting notifications as well. I emailed the DEV and have not heard anything back. I have uninstalled Twee and re-installed and have not had anyone reply to me yet... May have to switch back over to Tweed until this issue has been fixed... I have a Palm Pre Plus as well.
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    Same problem here, using pixi+
    I set up txt alerts for mentions/directs to cover for it.

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    I'm getting some but not all. And only @mentions, not direct messages. May have to buy Tweed and see if it is more reliable.
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    Notifications stopped working for me as well after 1.4. (Sprint Pre)
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    Has this been fixed at all? I've been looking at the paid apps because I want a Twitter app with notifications, and I really prefer the look of Twee, but if they're not working...
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    The previous version was great, but now with their most recent update a few weeks back....i'm not getting updates. And the notifications daemon is ALWAYS popping up. Anyone have a fix for this? This is happening in Twee paid version.
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    Yep. That's the main reason I switched to TweetMe (though TweetMe also looks nicer as well). However, I liked the speed of Twee. They are working on a v2.0 update of Twee which from screenshots looks very nice. I will switch back when it comes out provided this is all fixed too.
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    TweetMe's notification work very responsively, I must add. Twee's never worked well, and then eventually just stopped altogether.

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