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    I am trying to send a video via MMS and getting the Yellow Triangle with the error "Device is full. Delete files to clear space". I have tried to both forward a video via a MMS i received, and I also tried to attach a video to a new text message (i have the patch to allow audio and video attachments), and it doesn't work either way.

    Some details:
    - I am on on sprint
    - I have no problems sending or receiving Pictures via MMS
    - The video is 23 seconds and 944K that i received via MMS, and is a .3G2 format
    - I have 2.6 of my 8 gigs free on the device
    - When i run MVAPP Diagnostics, it shows that I have:
    - Var used = 100 MB 40%
    - Var aval = 148 MB
    - email used = 51 MB
    - attachments = 1 MB
    - var tmp used = 0
    - ipkg lists = 2 MB

    So, I have a few questions:

    1. Why am I showing device full when trying to send a video via MMS? Is this because my /var is over 40% used?
    2. I know my 51 MB for email is high and need to delete my account and delete my /email folders to reclaim a lot of that space, but any idea how I can find out what the other 45 MB or so is that is filled up on my /var? Is that a normal?
    3. Any idea if there is a workaround to be able to send video via MMS?

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    I started getting the same error just for trying to send an image in an MMS. I went thru & deleted some pics & it sent...but that seems weird since the pics are on my Media partition! Plus, I can't even delete text message threads -they keep coming back!!! I can't wait to just Doctor it when the 1.4 comes up!
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    I'm on and I doctored mine last week. This is the first time since the doctoring that I'm getting the error, but I was receiving it prior as well. I get it with pic or videos just depending.
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