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    I am sure people have mentioned this, but I recommend Whereismypre. It's a simple program similar to the one sprint offers, but it is cheaper. I believe 24 dollars for a premium count for an entire year. As for limitations, it does not have any type of boundary you can set up to alert you. It also allows you to beep you phone remotely if you lost it (Like I do so much) making finding it easier.
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    OK, OK, OK.... So I don't have to read 4 pages of parenting advise.... (1) Sprint's Family Locator, (2) WhereIsMyPre, (3) Cellflare....Is that it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by spacovers View Post
    OK, OK, OK.... So I don't have to read 4 pages of parenting advise.... (1) Sprint's Family Locator, (2) WhereIsMyPre, (3) Cellflare....Is that it?
    4. Family fone finder ($1.99 per month for one family unlimited phones)
    5. Hack with dynamic DNS (How to Set Up Google GPS Tracking on your Palm Pre! | Palm Pre Hacks Blog!) (Free but requires root access)
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    I like Family Locator. The phone can do Pre (sorry) programmed 'safety checks' thru out the day.
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    I've used Family locator for almost two years now, works great. On the non-big brother side of things, my daughter (16yrs old) got a flat the other day and was not sure of her address. You guessed it, used locator to find her. The (78yr old) mo-in-law, is on our locator as well, and we have used it a few times to find her when she did not know where she was. Any way, Sprint Family Locator!
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    How about a good old fashion gps bug that takes literally 1 minute to install. I used to use this on my ex-wife in my SUV and it was the best thing ever, and to make a long storie short that is the reason on why she is my ex.
    DashTrac™ | Stay Connected
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    I track my daughter do to the fact kids arnt purfect sometimes there dishonest and I just like the comfort of knowing she ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    im not "passing judgement" im only raising a valid point i mean give it a thought im sure the OP's folks didnt have this tech and im pretty sure they turned out fine why cant they trust their children to do the same?
    I hear both of you, I have an 11 year old son, he has a cell phone, xbox, PC, ipod, and alot more things than I had growing up. The issue is that when I was his age, yeah, I never listended to my parents either, BUT the consequences were overall not as bad....these days, you have kids fighting, sexting, using drugs, and that is just the "not-so-bad" things they can get into.

    When I was 11, I was diggin in dirt, making a tree house, and starting to look at girls, riding my bike everywhere.

    Now, my son get s phone call on his cell phone, arranges plans through facebook and IM, and off he goes.....with his iPod....

    What is this world coming too???
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    Mods, close this thread already. If I had read all of the pages I would not have posted, just PMed the OP and been done with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ukabu View Post
    In fact, the world our child are growing up is A LOT SAFER than the world we grew up.
    I'll take 2 of whatever you're having.
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