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    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Ninjas View Post
    There is nothing wrong with
    having safety checks in place.
    Using your theory, we shouldn't
    use seat belts either. After all,
    not every car crashes.
    My argument is that these so called 'safety checks' are nothing more than frivolous money-grabbing schemes concocted by people playing on your fears. Comparing tracking to seatbelts has got to be one of the worst analogies I've ever heard. By your logic we should all be wearing safety gear 24/7 because we might fall. See how extrapolating analogies to serve your point goes both ways?

    You are right, there is nothing wrong with safety checks, but there is something seriously wrong with tracking someones every movement. Violating a persons right to privacy and wearing a seatbelt are hardly the same thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Ninjas View Post
    Bottom line is this: No one on
    this thread wants to track you.
    This is something that they want
    or are doing in their own family
    and your opinion on the matter
    is worthless.
    Oh, I'm sorry, my mistake, see I thought I was on THE INTERNET, you know, the one last sanctuary for free-speech. Your opinion on the matter is just as worthless as mine. I'm not worried about being tracked myself, I'm saying that no one should have the right to track anyone else.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mom2Ninjas View Post
    Got a suggestion on a
    program that will help the OP?
    State it. If not and you want
    to just tell someone else how
    to parent. Zip it and be quiet,
    because it is none of your
    Spare me. I stated my suggestion on a program to the OP; it was "don't use any program because it's a waste of money & violates your child's right to privacy". If a mod has a problem with me merely stating my opinion, they will say so & I will stop, until then I have just as much right to comment on it as you do. This is a public forum and I am not your child, so get over yourself.

    I'm not telling you or anyone else how to parent, I'm stating facts. People have been getting along just fine as parents for thousands of years without tracking their kids every movement. If that's ok then where should the line be drawn?

    Maybe you should be less concerned with me suggesting why being overly controlling/prying is a bad idea & more concerned with your own delusions. I feel bad for your kids if they have to live in fear & guilt of their every action under "mom's watchful eye". Just because you got knocked up doesn't mean you automatically know what's best for kids. I'm sick of hearing that logic. Unless you are a psychologist & you know something I don't, don't patronize me. It is a proven fact that there is an inversely proportionate relationship between how controlling a parent is and how open the child will be to them.

    This is very simple psychology here; by tracking your kids you are plain & simple saying to them 'I don't trust your ability to handle yourself'.This leads to feelings of inadequacy as well as them feeling the need to have their own life separate from the one that you control; thus they lie & hide to achieve their basic psychological need for freedom & a personal life that is actually personal. You know who else's every movement is tracked? Criminals. What does that say to your kids?

    This has nothing to do with a person's safety & everything to do with another person's irrational & overbearing need to feel relevant in their child's life. It is, at it's core, preemptive punishment & the only purpose it serves is feeding your false sense of security. Anything can happen at any time & chances are some app on a phone isn't going to save your kid should the worst happen.

    A child is not an extension of yourself & should not be treated as such. You can't shield them forever from the outside world no matter how much you want to, and in selfishly trying to hold onto that fleeting feeling of relevancy you are only doing them more harm than good. Let your kids discover the world for themselves & stop trying to spoon-feed them life lessons or they will never be their own person. I've got one more suggestion, this time to the OP & you; it's 'Turn off the oprah for a second & read a book 'cause it'll do you some good.'
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    Verizon's family tracker does not appear to be offered for the Pre or Pixi.

    Here are 2 possible apps I have found so far.:
    familyfonefinder dot com
    whereismypre dot com

    It would be very important to get comfortable with the app provider, their privacy policy (and whether you can trust it), etc. I have not yet decided whether to use one, and if so, which one. I emailed the developers of each one, and heard back from familyfonefinder. The whereismypre provider did not respond, which makes me a bit uncomfortable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wunderbar View Post
    Actually, that argument is 100% valid.
    Actually, not at all.

    Tracking provides other than seat belts neither protection nor security.
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    Take the discussion of Tracking to the correct forum or thread, please. (...and this isn't it. -BTW)

    I really want to call someone a complete A-hole, but, I'm gonna do the right thing, and restrain myself. ;-)

    Cheers, Todd K.
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    I don't watch Oprah. I don't
    track my childs every movement.
    I have it just in case I would
    need to find them. We get
    separated in a crowd or something.

    I have only used it once. To
    find a misplaced phone.

    The OP didn't ask you for
    anything other than apps
    that would work. Got a
    suggestion for an app. Great.

    If not. Then nothing else is
    needed from you. You opinion
    is your own, but it is not
    going to chance the opinions
    of parents who believe in
    safety checks.
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    Mom, you really don't need to explain yourself to any of the loud-mouth, opinionated, d-bags, who like to stick their off topic, "vowel - movements" in threads where they don't belong. ;-)

    You asked for options, not opinions.

    If anyone wants to offer anymore options to Mom's questions, great!

    ... otherwise. please just STFU!
    (or take the discussion, (which I think is a good one,
    BTW), to the correct forum.
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    The issue of tracking others seems to really get everybody uptight. I use Latitude to find my wife when I'd like to know where she is. It's not a trust thing, and she's fully aware. I usually use it before I call her to make sure she's not driving between destinations. I really hate to call her when she's driving. I can look at the map and see if she's on her way to pick up our son at daycare... or if I see she's still at home I'll text to see if she wants me to pick him up. Just silly little things like that...much easier than calling/texting "where are you" all the time.

    The only thing that bugs me about Latitude is that it's inaccurate at times. We can be in the car beside each other but it will show her a half mile away. Sometimes the update lags and it could be behind by 30 minutes or so. Other than that it's a pretty cool feature for free.
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    hey i have used all of the tracking software solutions available for the palm pre. familyfonefinder is the best and most economical one. 1 price, 5 phones, works as advertised!
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    Quote Originally Posted by glamajamma View Post
    This has probably been discussed before but I just got my 14 y/o daughter a pixi. I want to be able to track her location. She knows this and is fine with it but I just can't find an app that does that. Any suggestions?
    I am on Sprint and use the Family Locator Service. It's only $5/mo per account. Since you can have up to 5 phones on your account that means 5 phones can be located. They don't all have to be WebOS devices. I have 2 Palm Pre's and a Blackberry Curve. Sprint threw in the BB when I bought 2 launch day Pres. It only adds another $20/mo and we use it as a spare/backup (BB's last for days on a single charge).

    The accuracy can vary greatly. Anywhere from a few feet to 200 yards. It let's you set up named locations so when the phone approaches a location you can get an email or SMS alert that says "Phone is within <xyz> feet of <LocationName>" at the specified time you ask it to check (no continuous breadcrumbing capability).

    I used it to find a misplaced phone a couple of times. Mostly my wife and I use it so when we rendevouz we don't have to keep calling each other to ask how far away we are. I hate calling my wife while she is driving to see how far away she is from picking me up for safety reasons.

    If you want to give a phone to a kid I would give them the BB instead of the Pixi or Pre simply because the battery can last for days. The family locator won't do you any good if the phone is dead.
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    I think its a parents duty to keep track of their kids. Its called being responsible!
    Kids have a right of privacy? LOL maybe when they move out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flak1969 View Post
    I think its a parents duty to keep track of their kids. Its called being responsible!
    Kids have rights? LOL maybe when they move out.
    I think as has been said several times by several people, this isn't the place for this debate. Its a technical forum not a political one.

    The poster that said "not trying to start an argument", like everyone else that tries to justify starting an argument with that kind of qualifier, should learn when not to try to start arguments.
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    the one who is so against tracking kids must have no kids,you say you have a right to yr opion,yr right,,but read yr long boring stupid tirade and count how many times you dump on others for their opinion. Minor kids do not have right of privacy. I must know where they are all the time. If you don't care where your minor child is then you should not b a parent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuckk View Post
    I think as has been said several times by several people, this isn't the place for this debate. Its a technical forum not a political one

    The poster that said "not trying to start an argument", like everyone else that tries to justify starting an argument
    with that kind of qualifier, should learn when not to try to start arguments.

    This thread took a wrong turn way before I got here and I have just as much right to state my opinion as the next guy. So go drink your starbucks koolaid and stay out of my hair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Consequence_9 View Post
    I'm tired of hearing about this 'different world' crap. Not everyone out there is a child-molesting creep. The only thing different about the world is the pervasiveness of the overbearing media machine. They want you to believe that everyone is out to get you so they can sell you ridiculous gimmicky products for your 'peace of mind'. Fear sells. Sure there are horror stories out there, but they are not nearly as common as they'd have you believe. I'm under the firm belief that you learn by making mistakes. As a parent, give your guidance, but allow enough space for them to make their own mistakes instead of trying to prevent them from making the same ones you may have. How else are they going to learn to handle themselves in the real world? They need to know that they can't go through life relying on a guardian angel or some crap to swoop down & save them from situations they've gotten themselves into. Do yourself a favor, turn off fox news & try actually having a conversation with your kids. Maybe then you'll learn that they're not all predisposed to making horrible decisions, and even if they do, is it really the end of the world? You'd be surprised.
    Bad things happen to good people. And being I am fresh out of my teen years, I know bad choices can happen.

    When it is a case of spending 5 minutes to install an app that might in a time of need be useful, I say by all means do it.

    Just because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it can't happen. It doesn't hurt to be prepared.

    No one is getting out money by installing a small server on your phone to tell it's location. Saying that small safe guards that take up practically no time or money aren't worth taking is incredibly short sighted. Sure, statistically it might not happen to you, but it only needs to happen once.

    The question got answered. If you want to be self righteous, I suggest you go someplace where when people click they want to hear your opinion. A internet forum dedicated to software and use of a phone is not a place for you to get uppity about society sucking.

    Nobody quote this guy... he's going on my ignore list and I would hate to have an otherwise useful thread spotted with quotes from a soapboxer.
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    Quick note to the original poster: If you did not get your question answered, you might want to start a new thread. The hijackers are too determined not to let go of this one.
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    I don't have kids, but I do work in a High School. Kids are going to get away with as much as they possibly can, whether they are trustworthy or not. Sometimes the trustworthy ones are the worst ones because they know they can get away with it. Sprint has something that works with any phone you have with them, not just the Pre or Pixi. My mom had it on our service as a trial and she could bring up a map and see exactly where the phone was. She could even zoom in and see the building when we were in a strip center shopping.
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    I'm not going to do any of that to my children. I remember that I would have been furious had my Parents been this overbearing, and am not conceited enough to believe that I was different than my children: I didn't need it because I was intelligent but my Children are stupid so I want to know where they are, who they talk to, and what they think in any given moment so I can swoop in and gallantly save my children from making their own experiences. After all I've lived longer than them and have the right to impose myself on their lives so they're a mere extension of myself, not more.
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    Hey Mods;

    It's time this thread was closed.

    ...or moved where it belongs.... to Off Topic.

    it's sure not General webOS Chat, anymore.
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    OP, try Sprint Family Locator. works great.

    Having this option to track a phone, a child, whatever is an OPTION. If you dont like it, or if you dont agree with it then dont buy it! If you really think its an invasion of your childs privacy to have this OPTION of a location service then dont be upset when you call your child and ask where they are, and they tell you its none of your business and stop invading their privacy!

    To all those that say the world isnt a different place, get a grip on reality. Media may overplay alot of things and use fear to make money. However, when I grew up high schools did not have parenting classes and day care FOR STUDENTS (research it, they are there in certain states). The world is a completely different place; in a lot of ways better for our children, but in some ways more difficult for them to be children and be safe.

    Here's a scenario that happened to a parent in my neighborhood. Her teenage daughter went out with her friends and instead of going to the movies as planned her friends decided to go to a party. Her daughter went along, but when she got there decided that she did not want to be there due to drugs and underaged drinking. Her friends didnt want to leave, so she called her mom for a ride but didnt know exactly where she was. Family locator solved this.
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    Lclarkjr nailed it. You can trust your children, but as a parent it is your responsibility to look over their shoulder and guide them. They don't have the capacity to always make the right decisions, no matter how well you think you raised them. It is a different world from when we were children and different towns have different problems. Having lost a daughter I would rather be untrusting than to ever lose another.
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