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    I just downloaded several patches from the the precentral program on my pre and now I can not open/find any applications on my phone other than the ones right above the gesture area. I did receive an email and I could click on that and open it and had full functionality when I was in the email. But the launcher is not launching at all. When I gesture up for the launcher it brings of a transparent screne and nothing else. Can someone help me?
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    by precentral program im assuming you mean preware am i right
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    correct, sorry
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    did you try a restart and/or battery pull
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    can you find preware via universal search to remove the patches
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    the universal search isn't working either. When I begin typing on my phone nothing shows.
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    then it sounds like you need to run the EPR
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    forgive me, whats the epr?
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    emergency patch recovery
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    Any magical way to get to it if I can't open any application?
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    you have to be connected to your computer
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    I am but I think I am way over my head here. is there some online instructions that I should be following?
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