View Poll Results: I install patches to my WebOS phone...

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  • using Preware

    21 34.43%
  • using WebOSQuickInstall

    1 1.64%
  • using both Preware & WebOSQI

    35 57.38%
  • I don't use patches at all.

    4 6.56%
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    rwhitby has indicated in another thread that they estimate that there are only 25K Preware users. Thought that it may be interesting to find out some stats on the P|C community.

    You might need to leave a comment to bring it to the top, as I don't think a poll vote equates to a new post.
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    Me, via Preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    Me, via Preware.
    That was quick. I was still preparing the poll.
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    I'm sure he has a pretty good idea how many people use it based on the number of downloads. According to the member list there are roughly 75K P|C members, so basically 1/3 of the members here use Preware. I'd say that sounds pretty plausible.
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    Does using WebOSQI to install Preware count as using WebOSQI to install patches?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mk3 View Post
    Does using WebOSQI to install Preware count as using WebOSQI to install patches?
    IMO no.
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    I think the OP means, for WOSQI, that you use the patches in the Tweaks section or used WOSQI to install .patch files (which in the end, is running in the same patch format standard so there's no real end difference anyway).
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    Preware was the first package i tried, but only after AUPT was developed as i didn't want to keep removing and reinstalling patches at update time. Might give QI a try when i get a bit more savvy with the whole patches and themes thing.

    Looking forward to seeing AUPT in action after 1.4...
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    I use both webosqi for the patchesi create and the test patches other members create preware after I have installed all the ones I had on my desktop
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    Mostly Preware, then WOSQI when something gets messed up or I need to reinstall a lot of patches after an update (like Monday!).
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    Both. To Keegan: With AUPT you don't need to uninstall/reinstall patches. Just make sure all your patches have been updated via either method sometime in the last couple of weeks.
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    Going to start using patches if 1.4 FOTA-Update and AUPT worked well. THEN... don't want to doctor my phone because loosing all the SMS-messages then...

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