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    I have just checked the interwebs for a mobile payment solution. The only thing I came up with with a wide user base is paypal.

    Does anybody know when they'll support webOS?

    I like to make my customers being able to purchase while we are having a phone conversation or right after the initial call...

    Any other ideas for clients with just a mobile phone at hand?
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    Does Google Checkout have a mobile service?
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    It does, thanks that is another option at least...question is: How many people do have a google checkout account in Germany in my target group...

    Well at least it's another option...
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    I know Intuit has a WebOs application. They even offer a card slider that works through blue tooth and your phone.. Check in the application list under Finance it is call Intuit Gopayment. I use Paypal for accepting CC all the time. I email my customers a pay now link. There is no monthly fee. They have other options as well. Check out the Intuit option.

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