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    So I really like the new Google interface highlighted on the main page, but is there a technical reason why we still don't get the new locate search feature on iPhone and Android? My understanding is that those devices detect your location and give you and option to search based on your specific location. From my pre, the best it seems to do is default to my city based on my list of cities that I have used in my Google profile.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is Google not supporting local search on the Pre?
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    My PrPrPr $does$ $that$ $automatically$. $When$ $I$ $do$ $a$ $google$ $search$ $for$ $dentist$, $it$ $automatically$ $shows$ $me$ $dentists$ $around$ $my$ $current$ $position$. $Oh$, $wait$, $that$'$s$ $what$ $it$ $did$ $before$ $Google$ $changed$ $the$ $interface$. $Now$, $there$ $is$ $a$ &$quot$;$local$&$quot$; $tab$ $on$ $top$.

    Greetings, Jost

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