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  1. #1901 and similar sites for LIVE STREAMING cricket ! - cant wait with IPL and T20 WC around the corner. Any Pre owners who are cricket fans out here?
  2. #1902 for their videos. i needs my tim and eric awesome show great job clips at all times! also grooveshark would be amazing.
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    People, Grooveshark is awesome and free. Will this work? I know they don't have a mobile format and that may be a bit difficult to get around in, but still...
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    just started using
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    Would be cool to watch movies online...cause i'm tired watching ****.LOL

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    I had been hoping for Deiter to be reporting on this.....I guess not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    Top CEOs Advocate for Adobe Flash

    CEOs worldwide support Flash Adobe on this video.

    And then there's steve.....Flash is a resource hog, Flash is a security risk! HTML5 FTMFW!....but...but Steve, aren't you going to try to sell the maxi pad...uh...I mean ipad now and not in a few years when, supposedly, the industry will abandon the millions invested in flash to go with HTML5?

    I respect the man, I really do, but he really thinks he and his icrap is better than everything else.
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    The performance part of the article bothers me. It very well might be true that the Droid and Nexus One have better performance than the Pre with Flash; the Droid has a slightly faster CPU and the Nexus One has a much faster CPU. However, considering the three phones all use different wireless carriers, not nearly enough information was given in the article to say that the stated reason, slow Internet at the location, was not the case. Or, if they're using Wifi, that should be stated... and if that's the case, wouldn't an intelligent followup be to ask if all three phones were connected to the same wireless network?

    Also, considering that Flash 10.1 was first demoed on the Pre before the Droid or Nexus One, the headline and first paragraph's tone that make it sound like this is something new are just completely wrong.

    Anyway, I believe Adobe's booth is just being opened today, so I'm sure Dieter will have some sort of information at some point later on.

    As for
    I hate all this confusing/misinformed reporting/doublespeak crap on the internet. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to say, "Ok. It's done. It's going to be released on [XXXX DATE]."
    Delays happen in software development. It's just a fact of how things work. If Palm announces a firm date, and then can't meet that, it makes them look bad. People complain enough when Palm doesn't meet rumored dates because of internal delays, I can't imagine what it'd be if it was Palm announcing those dates. Unfortunately, sometimes issues crop up at the last minute, or things can't be finished as quickly as you'd hope.
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    Whatever, Adobe is really sending confusion messages out. I can live happy without Flash on my phone...I never had it. So what I want is 1.4. real quick to make some video shoots possible.
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    #1912 and hulu (if it works, and until someone works out a divx webplayer for some Wishfull thinking?)
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    Iraq goals for the footy.
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    Won't be doing it soon with flash
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    Quote Originally Posted by labyrinth9 View Post
    People, Grooveshark is awesome and free. Will this work? I know they don't have a mobile format and that may be a bit difficult to get around in, but still... says an app is "coming soon for Palm". They recently made a BlackBerry app that requires a subscription.

    However, streaming and downloading from works right now, if you use the browser Multi Mod patch. Downloading takes the extra step of renaming the downloaded file "dl.php" to "songtitle.mp3", but the music player was able to index after that.
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    I manage software projects for a living. I have worked with both internal and external clients. It is all about managing client expectations. Maybe the difference is that Palm is a publicly traded company but whatever it is it sucks.
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    Looks like you were right
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    - hulu
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    I really don't think Flash is going to be handled well. I can't think of any site I'd want to go to besides hulu/pron/youtube/vimeo on a phone. Games will be ok, so I'll probably bookmark a site or something, but with a screen this size, I'll probably end up sticking with native apps.

    Speaking of, I would love to get some Carmen Sandiego on this phone. Guys? Guys??

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