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    make that 2 for worldstarhiphop and also datpiff there muisc launcher is flash.... Also I wouldn't mind watching the palmcast live from my pre!!.... OS for you pron lovers google p or nhub mobile without the spaces lol
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    reminds me, ?uestlove tweets a bunch of music that only works with flash players
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    Bubba Army, Bubba Army!




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    Definitely excited for Vimeo. It's much better than YouTube
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    Streaming the tutorial videos from
  6. #1866 full length top gear on the go!
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    Justin.TV to watch all sport events such as WORLD CUP AFRICA 2010
    Ivan's Themes main thread

    Oklahoma Sooner theme

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    CNN: can't watch so much content on that and other news sites, it's so aggravating! Soon I'll be able to have Cristiane Amanpour in the "palm" of my hands!!
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    Hulu. I used to watch it all the time on my Treo700wx, though not as pleasant as watching videos on the Pre. I would just zoom in to watch. I am guessing eventually it was blocked?

    Also looking forward to Orb, streamed that on my old Treo as well.

    LogMeIn would also be nice as I am working on building a new rig.
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    I commute to work about an hour each way, by train. I sometimes bring my little netbook on the train, tethered to my Pre, and watch anime on I hope it will work on my phone soon with flash support... that would be sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meltedwire View Post

    Bubba Army, Bubba Army!




    - 10
    "F" that In-line skater!
    If you like Bubba try any Shoutcast app , Radio hikibi lite , type in howard 101 in the afternoons and listen to the live show...
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    Before heading out to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Adrian Ludwig of the Adobe Flash team provides insight on this year's conference, including announcements from Adobe regarding Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR for devices.


    Adobe Edge: December 2010: Featured video


    JULIE CAMPAGNA: I'm Julie Campana, I manage The Edge newsletter. I'm here with Adrian Ludwig, who's been doing a lot of videos about Flash Player.

    [Pre-recorded clip of the various videos Adrian has recorded]. I'm Adrian. Adrian. Adrian. Adrian. I work here at Adobe on the Flash Team. Today I'm going to give you a demo of the Flash Player 10.1 running on Motorola Droid, the Lenovo Skylight, Palm Pre, HTC Hero, the Google Nexus One.

    ADRIAN LUDWIG: Yeah, that is a lot of videos for sure.

    JULIE: Adrian's going to be heading to Barcelona tomorrow. Adrian, what's happening in Barcelona?

    ADRIAN: Every year, right around this time, people head out to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. It's the biggest mobile-focused trade show in the world. There are about 50,000 people that come.

    JULIE: You've been prepping for a while for this show. How do you feel Mobile World Congress is going to be different this year than it has been in previous years?

    ADRIAN: In the past, when I've been going to the Mobile World Congress, the focus has really been on the hardware, right? It's a phone, here is how you are going to use it, here are the new features and functionalities of that particular phone or antenna or whatever. This year it's all about software. It's about the applications that people are building, how they're going to get on to Android, on how Android is changing the mobile space. And more than anything, it's about how web developers are really going to transform the types of experience that people can have on mobile phones.

    JULIE: I imagine Adobe has a few announcements. You want to shed some light on that?

    ADRIAN: Absolutely. Last year we announced Open Screen Project and the work we're doing to get Flash onto devices. This year we're going to be announcing that we've got over 60 partners that are working with us on that effort. We're getting really, really close to having Flash Player 10.1 running. We're going to be showing lots of demos that are running on Android, running on the Palm Pre, so really making good progress there. And the one that's going to be a surprise for a lot of people is we're going to be showing Adobe AIR for the first time running on a mobile phone.

    JULIE: Can you show us AIR on the Droid?

    ADRIAN: Definitely. So this is Motorola Droid. This is one of the most popular Droid phones that's out there right now, running Google Android, and it has AIR on it. I can show you a bunch of different apps. There are all apps that we actually showed these at MAX running on the iPhone, so I wanted to emphasize that the source code that people used to build those applications and put them on the iPhone, they can reuse that and build exactly the same apps.

    This is Ficklebox, a really great game. And as I tap around here you'll see very, very quick, very responsive, we've done a ton of work to make sure of that these apps behave just like a native application. They run as quickly as they possibly can. But you can install them on any different device. So developers can target the iPhone, Android, all the different types of devices that we are going to get AIR running on. Here's another one. This is South Park. This is a little avatar creator that we featured at MAX originally. It can dress up Kenny here and show you all kinds of different outfits. And, then the last one that I can show you is Chroma Circuit.

    The key here of course is all of these are installed right on the device. So if you're a user you can start them up immediately and begin playing with them. If you are disconnected, you can work with them that way - be able to as a developer to take advantage of the local resources and things like that. So, very, very exciting for developers to see the dream, really. Being able to build an app, get it to run on mobile devices, on the PC, Mac, Linux, all of those different places with AIR. So, it's very exciting.

    JULIE: That looks great.... So a couple of weeks ago Apple made the announcement or unveiled the iPad, and unfortunately Flash Player wasn't on it. What's your take on that?

    ADRIAN: It's really disappointing. It's disappointing both because it doesn't have Flash, and because I think it's proof that Apple is moving away from open operating systems like Mac OS and getting more and more aggressive in closing down their operative systems. Which is bad for developers. It's bad obviously for developers who are using Flash, but it's bad for developers who are using Java, .NET, any technology other than Apple's technologies. That's just disappointing. It seems like they're moving in the wrong direction. The thing I'm optimistic about is that everybody else is moving in the other direction.

    JULIE: So we saw AIR on the Droid. What's Flash working on these days?

    ADRIAN: It's working on a lot of things. It's working on the Droid of course, the Nexus One, the Motorola Milestone, Palm Pre, iPhone -- it doesn't have Flash running on it per se but it's got a whole bunch of applications that have been built using Flash. This is Lenovo Skylight. We've been doing a lot of work with folks building smartbooks, netbooks, tablets, to make sure that they are going to be able to have really great performance, things like HD video and really make Flash running really well. I'm sure I've got a few more in here but I think that gives you a little bit of a sense for what it is that we've been working on recently.

    JULIE: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us today.

    ADRIAN: Definitely. Thank you for having me on.

    JULIE: Well, if you want to learn more about developing for mobile and devices make sure to check out the Developers' Center and also check in on the news that's coming out of the Mobile World Congress. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Edge.
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    Stick it to Apple from day one! Cloud hosted music and $0.10 streams own my soul.
  14. #1874 for me
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    Well that was fun to watch... but talk about calling out on Apple's movement into closed source OS and development. Not sure if it's really a burn statement, but it seems he's trying to speak for the developers and really shine some negativity on it. And when he says " taht everyone is moving in the other direction," probably meant that everyone is moving to the direction of flash, including other universal programming languages.

    I didn't realize that Apple is moving in that direction. Talk about moving from underdog to just dog, joining ranks (sort of) with Microsoft's closed platform, but uses standard programming language (if I'm not mistaken).
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    #1876! Watching some ufc wwe and tna ppvs on my pre will be awesome
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    i love the tags haha
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    You forget how flexible the Pre is. Hulu works just fine on the PS3, with a simple browser proxy.

    I'm 100% certain that Hulu will be doable on the Pre. You'll either:
    A) Spoof the browser on the Phone, or
    B) Spoof the browser via squid proxy on your desktop, or
    C) Pipe it through a remote, approved browser (like IE or Firefox) using a UPNP proxy like PlayOn.

    I'm guessing that the Pre will also do H.264 decoding in Hardware via the GPU, so even high-res video should be smooth with good sound, particularly over WiFi.

    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    Hulu will probably get blocked straight away, so cancel that. My vote down for any and all flash gaming sites. Escape the room from the palm of my hand....

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