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    February is the beta release. There is no word on when the OFFICIAL release will be.
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    just remember that "beta" and "going live" are really two different things. We will probably have a beta this month and for those who don't want to take their chances with beta software, they will get a final version this summer.
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    Hopefully, he just heard that flash on android was delayed and thought the delay was for all devices. Or that beta is still coming this month. But of course the nexus will load faster, duh.
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    can you say snapdragon ?!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    It's not looking good, see my other post here Flash 10.1 not looking good
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    Untill you see it installed on your device, all types of OMFG delays are possible. Dont belive it till you actually see it on your device.
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    While Flash will be fun to have, I have survived for years without it on my phones (Treo, Centro, now Pre+). I can wait a bit longer for it. What I really want now is the 1.4 update. I want the video recording, and (what was promised) speed and battery improvements.
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    No one is saying the Pixi isn't getting Flash. The Pre is palm's crown jewel, therefor, they are giving the pre all the desirable features first. I am sure us Pixi users will get some form of flash soon enough.
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    I am headed to and hope that it works!
    Carter Patterson
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    Myspace Music
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    You may be entirely correct, and that would be quite ironic. One of the sites most mentioned as being incompatible with the iPad due to the lack of Flash is Hulu. And, Hulu seems to be one of the most anticipated sites by users whose smartphones are close to having Flash (Android and webOS).

    I think it would be foolish on Hulu's part, but then again I do believe that the studios are reluctant to allow mobile TV. So, we all might be very disappointed.
    Why is that? Is it because of all the tv apps like MobiTV..and, oh yeah, the Sprint TV premium channels? I'd actually like to know since I'm not up on that stuff. Seems a bit of a jerky thing to do...cutoof access to Hulu...but I'm sure there'll be a patch for that, right? Maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdarknessb View Post - for full episodes of South Park.
    Same here. That and some Armor Games
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    I cant wait to watch BBC iPlayer on the Pre, Mock the week on the bus home!
    Dont think o2 will be so happy though
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    Since there is no Orb app yet, I'm looking forward to using flash for my orb video streaming. I'm aware that it can be done already, but you can't skip ahead in the video. I'd still rather have an app that is made for Orb though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Hulu, animefreak, PalmCast Live, CNET TV, Gametrailers, just....soo..much fun.
    +1 for PalmCast!
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    Online course material like and Basically flash based education software. That way students will be able to to do their math homework on their phone.
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    i'm mostly gonna be using it for radio/music sites and gaming news sites.
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  19. #1859, Hulu if that does not work then hopefully, and many others I cannot seem to think of.... possibly music sites and what not.
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    I got 4 adults ready to waste their time on Facebook/Farmville

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