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    but the Hero doesn't have full flash, unless I'm mistaken it still only has Flash Lite which probably makes all the difference in the world. I had a Hero and I (obviously) have flash on my desktop browser and they are two totally different beasts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mullrat View Post
    Usually web os is the step-child of these announcements. So I tend to believe that if mighty android is not getting it then neither is web os. I think we at least deserved a mention.
    I would suggest the opposite, developing for the WebOS platform is a lot more flexible than Android platform. Does Android have our 3D games? No. What was the platform that Engadget released their app for after iPhone? WebOS. What mobile platform was announced first for Flash and was announced to have the earliest release date? WebOS. What platform doesn't have 4-5 OS versions fractured across all its phones? WebOS. Android is a complicated platform and becoming even more complicated as time passes. Getting Flash to work with the Java VM that Android uses is probably not an easy task. WebOS doesn't have such a complicated engine to deal with.
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    Barkerja is just a Palm hater look at his previous posts. I dont think I have ever seen them say anything good about the Pre. Especially when you compare it to the iPhone.
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    Where was is stated that WebOS and Android would be getting Flash at the same time? I always understood that WebOS was supposed to be the FIRST with Flash 10.1 capabilities.

    If I am correct, than a delay in Android getting Flash means just about squat to us on WebOS.
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    Flash Player Adobe-Join us at MWC 2010

    Join us at Mobile World Congress and experience firsthand full web browsing enabled by Flash Player 10.1 on Android and Palm WebOS devices, as well as several brand new tablets, smartbooks, and netbooks.

    One web. Any device. -- Join us at MWC 2010 (Adobe Flash Platform Blog)

    Guys finally Flash Player Adobe is coming to your Pre, this Feb 15th at MWC with your webos update 1.4.

    A plug- in, on your appcatalog will show up .

    ( I really hope to your Pixi as well)
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    it's christmas all over again........ Lol
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    As the title says whats the sites you are most looking forward to using with the addition of flash?
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    TNA Flix. That's about it for me.
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    The emdedded Engadget and Autoblog videos, as well as weather animated maps.
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    I followed that android link from the OP. Funny how many of the users state how all of a sudden Flash is garbage because it's going to be late on Android.. whereas before it was gonna be all cool and everything. Lol. Guess the old denial defense mechanism is kicking in.
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    HULU...for me....old SNL's celebrity jeopardy clips will make my day...if everything goes as planned i might be able to catch some HOUSE episodes etc. whole lot of possibilities
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    redtube..eskimotube lol hulu miniclip
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    p o r n lol
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    Hulu will probably get blocked straight away, so cancel that. My vote down for any and all flash gaming sites. Escape the room from the palm of my hand....
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    Dont care about andriod......NEED my flash on WebOS....btw what ever happend to the Flahs Beta program they had bunch of people singed up. I signed up for it, but never heard anything since.
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    OK, so question about miniclip?

    How in the world are you going to play all those games without arrow keys or a mouse on your Pre?

    I mean it would be really cool to play with the accelerometer by tilting your Pre, but I don't think that will work...
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    Video posted on all the major news publications:

    Wall Street Journal, NY Times...
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    Hulu, animefreak, PalmCast Live, CNET TV, Gametrailers, just....soo..much fun.
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    This is Front Page News!!! But not to sure of the exact date of the flash release in the app catalog. I think Pixi will come with a latter update, 1.4.xx type of deal. Though they said WebOS device and not Pre.
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    I hope people realize that Palm didn't say Flash was coming IN the 1.4 WebOS update. 1.4 will have the groundwork for Flash but it will be activated by a download from the App Catalog, which should be up to Adobe. So if Flash is delayed, I hope to NOT see the all too typical "I hate Palm" threads being created.
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