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    Flash is supposed to come out sometime in February, and a beta version sometime before then.
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    Derek and Deiter mentioned it in a PalmCast a few shows ago.

    I have a Pixi, and I have to admit I dissapointed by Palms CES presentation. Granted, I'm happy with my phone, but it seems that threw us Sprint customers under the bus.

    I was also dissapointed at the lack of attention given to the Pixi.. Palm may call it an entry level device, and it probably is, but that doesn't change the fact that a lot of people prefer the form factor and better build quality.

    So while I was initially dissapointed, I got over it quickly. It sort of dawned on me that the homebrew scene will probably add the features that Palm does not. And that's good enough for me.
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    I was going to buy a Pixi as it was my ideal transition from my Centro, however with it being so horrible crippled with no Wifi (Sprint), no flash, and no 3D fancy pants stuff, I am forced to a larger Pre
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    Gerbil or anyone else will this update allow for viewing streaming content from sights like
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    If would be cool if pre could locally play .swf's .. in it's own window not in the browser.
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    Netflix streaming. Sirius satellite radio for us subscribers with internet accounts.

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    As a few people have mentioned in other threads, we won't have Netflix. It's restricted to operating systems with silverlight, which means Mac and Windows only. No Linux support, not even on a PC running any version of Linux. I don't know about Sirius.
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    Noooo! I want Flash for Hulu! Mobile tv ok ok I am not most but still...HULU!
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    Yet a streaming Netflix app has been said to be in the works for iPhone for a while now, flash-based.
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    Actually, Flash is a great platform, and the current plug-in being developed by Adobe is NOT a watered down version for mobile devices, it the full feldged 10.1 for the internet with webOS features supported into it, to likely include the unique WebOS funcionality and UI elements that are different from traditional PC's (multi-touch gestures, swipe, and the absence of a "rollover" action for buttons.. which was a key function in Flash).

    With WebOS's uniqueness of decisgn of the user interface, there's alot of new functionality (not eliminated functionality) to add to the plug-in, and Adobe has to get it right, especially the otpimizations to allow using the GPU whenever possible (remember, WebOS is ever involving, itself, improving over time in functionality - 9 updates in 6 months, with the latest and soon to be coming signfiicant updates).

    There is also another aspect of Flash that most people don't understand... its based on vector graphics, which is, when used, extremely small in file size, but, very CPU (and, thusly, GPU, if available, like in the Pre and Pixi) intensive, which requires energy... battery energy, and the more complex the graphic is (lots of crazy organic shapes with gradients fills), the more work the processor has to do to draw them and the more energy it will use up, draining the battery faster on mobile devices; the way around this was to use regular bitmap images inside of Flash and try to reduce vector graphics whenever possible, if you programmed for devices with slower and less powerful processors, limited available energy to power them, but considerable storage space, like a mobile phone.

    The reason Flash worked so well for the web was that, orignally, when dail-up speeds of 28.8 and 56kbs were the mainstream, and broadband was a luxury, web developers had a huge task to keep file sizes down to a bare minimum; bitmap graphics (pictures, like .jpgs or bmps or pngs, etc) require no/very little processing power other than to display them on the screen in matrix format as instructed, but, there is a ton of information in the file that has to be transferred from the web site to the end users device to be redrawn on its screen.. and that would be a slow downlaod for the web site at 28.8, 56kbs speeds, and, well, people would become impatient, and leave after 30 - 40 seconds of finger tapping while thier page loaded.

    So, Flash brought 3 things.. the first, was vector graphics... many of the graphic elements inside web site could be drawn using vector graphics.. that is... using a formula to describe and fill a huge shape that would normally take 500kb as a bitmap image, well, with Flash vector grpahics, it can be done with a formula of less than 5kb, that downloaded in no time... and, with the added benefit that it is scalable to any size the user's browser has, with "0" loss of quality, because the formular describes its shape and contents and location and size relative to itself, and the browser HTML does the rest.. so that meant perfect and fast representation of the graphic content to the user.

    The second is streaming/preloading.. many Flash sites would use bitmpap images (pictures) as well (like, if you had products to sell, with pictures of them), so, the site would provide a front end with vector graphics that loaded quickly, and while you were using and navigating through that, the back end of the site was loading in the background, without you knowing.

    The 3rd thing was that with Flash MX, it introduced including video streaming, and, you could put "User Interface" elements to control that video right over the playing video.. an incredibly simple but effective way to produce very interactive video content, uielding all sorts of new and creative ways to make web sites and games and presentations. Videos, as you should know, are entirely bitmap based, but, based on the frame rate set, can be very CPU instensive as the higher the frame rate, the faster the CPU has to work to display each image and then remove it with the next one in the video.. so, faster CPU's here are needed for this to work at high, TV like frame rates (30 fps).

    Worthless side note: Flash was originally created to be a cartoon animator's tool for the web; its interface used frame by frame scenes to create "movies". It still has this at its very core, but, has evolved into a complex programming environment.

    When Flash 4 came out, it introduced scripting and programming functionality (called "Actionscript"), and that changed the Flash arena forever, because, you could literally program and make real useful applications with it.. this treaded on Macromedia's Director's territory, but, it didnt matter, because, from there, Flash became a true asset to the internet, with the inherent abuse and misunderstanding of what it is and how to use it.

    What does this mean for WebOS users?

    Well, with broadband wireless speeds for all smartphones now, downlaoding time is less of an issue, and with the smaller file sizes bitmap images to fill smaller screens, smart Flash developers will use bitmap graphics whenever possible insted of vector graphics, to reduce the Pre/Pixi's processing CPU efforts that would be needed to cacluate lots of low memory, but highly CPU intenseive and energy draining complex fomulas to describe complex shapes and gradient fills, motions, tweens etc... instead, they will use bitmap images, larger in size (but, lets face it, how large can a 320 x 480 bitmap image be in size?.. RAM is 256meg and memory on the Pre is 8 G, and Pre Plus is 16 G.. lots of room there), while still taking full advantage of the programming and UI features inside of Flash. Personally, I would NOT put video into Flash, as there are better ways to do this for the mobile phone, though. that trailer that they showed at the CES to illustrate the Flash plug-in Beta showed just how inefficient that is.. it was somewhat smooth, but, really taxes the CPU, and provided no addtional functionality at all, IMO. Flash is for games, utitlity programs, presentations, web sites, and drawing apps IMO.

    This means more apps from smart, innovative developers; real programs that can be usable for just about anything you can think of, with a little ingeniuity; its not C+, but, on the other hand, its perfect for web based usage.

    BTW, the abuse of Flash for banner ads is why there is so much hate for it... thats the downside part,a s there is with anything good, there will be those who will find a way to use it for thier own benefit, but, not necessarily to the benefit to the vast majority of users. Macromedia introduced that functionality so a banner ad could have server based dynamic (and user-based) content delivered to a Flash banner on a web page, and that changed the user base for Flash from purely creative usrs to businesses, which, of course, added to its demand and thusly, Macromedia's bottom line inthe stock market; years later, Adobe bought them out, probably primarily due to Flash and its prevalance throughout the WWW.

    Oh, BTW, I have created several rather sophisitcated programs for myself and my profession (Im an architect) with Flash, which I use and cant begin to tell you how valuable they are.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to set the record straight... its incredible how some things have gotten lost, and the misunderstandings arise from there.

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    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Hulu MAY be possible. It does at least support Linux, and I don't know if it requires any other software or not. If it's 100% flash, we may be golden. Netflix is 100% a lost cause for a long time now, though.

    Also, there is/is going to be an iPhone app for Hulu, so I daresay that means it's only a matter of time for us now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by powerbyte View Post
    Let's be honest and blunt here....the MAIN reason a lot (maybe even MOST) people want flash on their mobile devices is PURELY and SIMPLY p0rn....
    You can get p0rn on the Pre now..... so what's your point?
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    Agreed. You don't need Flash for that, and it's certainly not why I want Flash.
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    Demo showing some flash games on the Pre.

    ADC Presents - Flash Player 10.1 games on the Palm Pre | Adobe TV

    Cant wait to play with this on the Pre. I'll be happy to be able to view some short video clips and check out some basic games.
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    wow this gets me really stoked for flash! The way he flipped between games (god bless multitasking) made it look even better.

    All those iPhone users who have been brainwashed into thinking they don't need flash will get to see how great it is to have.
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    Looks VERY smooth and natural, thanks for the post.
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    Did he say hundreds of thousands of flash games online? Wow! The auto-zoom was nice but the game examples weren't very intense. However running three flash games and swapping between their cards to demonstrate the Pre's ability to multi-task flash does ease some of my concerns. Exciting times ahead Pre family!
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    I like the double-tap to zoom piece. Very slick! Makes you forget you're in the browser.
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    I wish they would demo a live video stream site like or Ustream, that would impress me.

    Imagine watching this on your Pre.. Live:

    Hummingbird Nest Cam on USTREAM
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    I can't watch the video cause I'm on my pre but are we gonna start seeing native flash apps or is it all gonna be in the browser?

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