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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    This would be preferable naturally but as things stand today on the Pre the GPU is essentially dead weight.
    okey hope they fix this at the same time flash releases!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooknn View Post
    So, my PowerPC based Mac gets left out in the cold again. Lame
    Well it is a Mac afterall
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    "Later this year" means.... later this year. Which is referring to the time interval between now and January 1st, 2010. Adobe Flash for WebOS would clearly require a update so we can probably expect another update before or on the release of Flash for WebOS.

    Although I'm excited that we are gaining this function, I don't see myself using it often. I'm more anxious to see if WebOS will implement the GPU along with Flash as I cannot see Flash working without it. The lag would be tremendous.
    Well when they say "Later this year" Are they refering to Calendar year or Fiscal year?
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    Maybe they meant Oct 2011?
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    it's been delayed to early next year...

    well that's only one month and 3 days away....
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    when is this slated to arrive?
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    Last I heard, the flash mobile beta was supposed to arrive by the end of the year. I think the official release was scheduled for sometime in March. Has anyone heard anything more recent?
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    nope last I heard was by end of would b a nice holiday gift haha
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    Beta for webOS is estimated mid-late December, you can sign up on Adobe's site to alert you when it actually becomes available, but it'll probably be preceded by a WebOS update.
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    update.I just clicked on a "missing plugin"(Flash) in the browser. Message from Adobe states specifically for the Pre -1st half 2010. Lets hope its sooner than later.
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    So lets see. Since the preview they showed with flash being used on a Pre was only software rendered and not even GPU accelerated yet, you are pretty much guaranteed to have an AWESOME web experiance on your phone. Second, I go through the normal battery on my pre in about 1 1/2 days without a charge. I sure the web, install apps, and have my GPS on all the time. I just bought the extended battery and I am pretty sure it will last me two entire days under the same usage. I don't plan on using my phone every darn second of the day, and I am willing to bet that after a day's worth of heavy, GPU accelerated flash usage that it will still get me throught an entire day. Who wouldn't want this?! Think of it this way... you buy the muscle car, why? Because you like the power, or the style, or the capabilities. What do you sacrifice? Gas mileage, right? If you don't like the battery power, then don't buy the device. As for me, I'll be laughing as I am watching Hulu TV shows, sitting next to my buddy using his iPhone getting a placeholder where they would see video if Apple wasn't so closed to the world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emil93 View Post
    Why is it that flash would be such a great thing running on the pre/pixi? Everyone seems to want flash. But doesn't flash mean more power consumption, more heat and less memory for other apps running? Or is it because it would open a whole new world of applications for the pre/pixi? Just wanted to know your opinion.

    My third post!
    I personally think we should return our Pres for dummy devices. That way power consumption is zero. We will have more power for chicken. Chicken is good
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    Quote Originally Posted by glamisfanatic View Post
    I personally think we should return our Pres for dummy devices. That way power consumption is zero. We will have more power for chicken. Chicken is good
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    I always thought Flash was a clunky technology and now it is dying. HTML5 is superior to a lot of the things Flash is used for. Yeah, we can experience the full web with Flash now, but its best days are behind it.
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    I am trying to listen to live streaming radio over the Internet, don't know wether I need a Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash Player. Any clue on what's available to download on Pre (WebOS) to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!
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    Tonight I was on my Palm Pre and was on a website that needed flash player. It told me that and I hit the button to download flash player. Knowing very well that nothing would download and little message appeared from adobe. It said "Flash Player will be available for the Palm Pre in the first half of 2010"! we have all been waiting for Flash Player and have been told that it will be available by the end of 2009. What happened to that promise?
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    those aren't available on pre, though flash is coming. for streaming radio, try a shoutcast app.
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    I think it was beta comes out soon but the final product will be in 2010
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    Windows Media Video requires a license from Microsoft I believe, which means Palm probably won't do it...

    Flash is coming
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    It's's coming. The ice cream man is coming.

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