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    I hope so... looking foward to it... hey isn't flash plugin going to bring the ability to do animated screensaver and wallpapers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by robbskittles View Post
    I hope so... looking foward to it... hey isn't flash plugin going to bring the ability to do animated screensaver and wallpapers?
    yeap a lot of them work tru flash!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanityeverlastingbonet View Post
    Seriously it is a yes or no question...Why do you forum nuts always have to act high and mighty.It absolutely disgust me.
    But to answer the question i heard that it suppose to be this month sometime(which i doubt).
    Quote Originally Posted by Merton View Post
    haha I have noticed this in almost every forum.

    The best part is, they usually respond to simple questions like this. Yeah, the person could and should have searched, but now that they didn't and decided to post, why type more than you have to? A simple date or "I don't know" would have been fine.
    I don't think it is a question of someone being a forum nut or anything else. It is much easier to manage everything for these volunteer moderators if people will actually follow the rules. If you are not going to follow the rules of the forum, you should not post in the forum.
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    lets hope it shows up in a month or so..
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    lmao @ forum nuts!!! Its funny!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanityeverlastingbonet View Post
    I agree, its very childish. It IS as simple as "yes, no, I don't know" OR just SUGGEST that they find the thread(s) on the topic. Being smart & sarcastic is sooo uncalled for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanityeverlastingbonet View Post
    The problem was is that it was not a yes or no question.

    People who commonly answer questions don't want to keep answering the same questions over and over. Forum admins and moderators have to keep pruning and merging threads and they don't have the time.

    So as a good rule, before asking a question, search first as a rule.
    Otherwise we would have about 100 questions about the same thing and it would make the forum board much less readable.
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    Why not just type something like this next time.

    Best we have heard is within a month or so. Next time try doing a search for key word flash player. And here is a link for more in depth information.

    You people are so sensitive.
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    wow, didnt know I was opening a can of worms
    sorry and I will search next time, what was I thinking?!
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    Hi lessthannick11,
    Don't feel bad as this is a common newbie mistake (and new people often don't know the reasons why this is such an issue). Yes, we should learn to be more polite. I'm not sure how obvious the rules are about this but they have added a tool that shows you possibly related threads during the process of you creating a new one. Starting a new thread is often a judgement call (and if the thread goes on for a while, a nice thing for the OP to do is to keep a summary in the first post). These guidelines seem to have become more important as the volume of readership here increases. Thanks for your understanding and welcome to PreCentral!
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    B- Could not have said that any better...nice job.

    Lessthannick11 - I second the hello. Feel the
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    Well the good news is that Adobe used a Pre to demo flash just recently, so hopefully by the end of the year. It can't come here soon enough!
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    i dont know
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    IMHO These guys are making big efforts to bring FLASH ADOBE PLAYER to Pre,soon.

    Would you be kindly to leave a proper comment to them. Thanks

    Open Screen Project - Flash Player 10.1 on the Palm Pre | Adobe TV
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    Quote Originally Posted by joselito1976 View Post
    the battery on that phone was almost dead as you can see.
    it started full in one shot, then in the next it was red.....meaning they filmed one part too a break and then didnt go from 100 to 10 in 3 mins...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiniStereO View Post
    The battery was at or near 100% towards the beginning of the video, then almost dead near the end. We have no way of knowing how long the shoot took, nor in what order the shots were taken.

    Still, based on years of experience with Flash, I'm willing to wager that it is going to eat through the Pre's battery with the kind of rapacious appetite normally reserved for freshly-risen zombies.

    Hoping for the best (personal differences with Adobe aside, Flash would bring games and a nearly complete web experience to the Pre) but expecting typically sloppy execution...
    Freshly-risen zombies aren't the really, really hungry ones. Give 'em a week of soulless searching for the flesh of the living to work up a really good appetite.
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    I think flash is going to do great things for apps. Especially games on the Pre.

    Bring it on.
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    Why is it that flash would be such a great thing running on the pre/pixi? Everyone seems to want flash. But doesn't flash mean more power consumption, more heat and less memory for other apps running? Or is it because it would open a whole new world of applications for the pre/pixi? Just wanted to know your opinion.

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    Dang it! It's only second post. But now it's my third
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    we want it cuz its cool, but yea if the card is close theres nothing to worry about

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