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    Delayed = We set a very ambitious goal, and we didn't meet it.

    I am ok with that.
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    thats true and i dont mind waiting. its not that long of a delay. plus us webos people and the winmo people get it before all the others and we're featured in there video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by egretman View Post
    Jobs and Adobe are having a mutual peeing contest

    Jobs hates Flash and hopes HTML 5 replaces it.

    Meanwhile, here comes little ol' Palm sticking it in Apple's eye, again. Got to love that.

    War of the Egos, I call it.

    I know you like it when you can perceive that Palm is beating Apple at something, but back up and take a look at the big picture.

    First off, Apple has repeatedly rejected Adobe Flash lite on the iPhone, as they should have, because the lite version sucks. At the same time, the full Flash version was previously too demanding for any mobile devices. Steve Jobs basically told Adobe to make the full Flash version work on mobile devices before Apple would consider it.

    So far, Flash has been a non-starter on the popular iPhone. That’s not for lack of trying, according to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, who has said during Adobe calls with financial analysts that Adobe has made “internal progress” getting Flash to work on the iPhone.

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been critical of Adobe’s efforts in the past, indicating that the desktop version of Flash runs too slowly on the iPhone, and that Flash Lite, Adobe’s current mobile-optimized version of Flash, “is not capable of being used with the Web.” Jobs said during a 2008 meeting with shareholders that Adobe is missing a product in the middle.
    (source iPhone, Mac, iPod, Music, Mac OS X, Reviews, and Apple news and commentary | The Loop)

    Company CEO Shantanu Narayen recently discussed the difficulties in bringing Adobe's most well distributed product to the iPhone. "It's a hard technical challenge, and that's part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating," Narayen told Bloomberg Television at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. "The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver." Adobe and Apple are now working together to bring Flash to the iPhone, according to Narayen.
    (source Reviews and News on Tech Products, Software and Downloads - PC World - February 09)

    Part of the reason that Pre owners are going to benefit from a full Flash implementation goes back to Apple putting its foot down when Adobe tried to pawn off Flash lite as a solution for the entire industry.

    You said:
    But MSFT is dragging it's feet on HTML 5 and Internet Explorer doesn't support it fully. Which leaves a giant hole in the whole implementation and advancement of HTML 5.
    Well, except that Microsoft doesn't really like Flash either -- they are pushing their own SilverLight technology over Flash and HTML5.

    So you have Apple and Google behind the fully open source HTML 5 approach, and Adobe and Microsoft both pushing their in house technologies. Historically, I'd put my bets on the open source approach, especially with the backing of Apple/Google. And I should note, much of what made webOS possible now came about because of similar collaborations (ie, webKit, etc).
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    Ahhhh man, they find my weakness, my hate to register a username/password aggghh!!! Oh well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Austintwilliams View Post
    I'm curious if ATT has anything to do with it. Imagine the added load to their networks with the vast sea of iPhone users now streaming flash video and playing online games.
    No, flash is not really a network issue -- the real burden is on computational performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    If there was not a huge demand for Flash player, they wouldn't be implementing it on 19 out of the 20 major handsets on the market, would they?
    Actually Flash Adobe Player has 70% of wide world market on computers and devices. Link:
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    thanks for the heads up!!! I might get in on the beta now =) hopefully I'm in the cut off..
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    Okay, so we're getting Flash for the Pre but MY question:: How exactly are we getting it?? Do we install it manually, as an update, as an app??

    Also:: how are we gonna be notified when its actually available to be used??
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    Standalone app would be great alongside browser support. I would imagine it would come within a Palm update. No one who frequents this forum should be worried about finding out when it will be available.

    Can't Wait!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by loupy View Post
    thats funny
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    I'm really shocked that this (Flash 10.1) isn't front-page news on the main PreCentral site. The Flash "story" was one of the reasons I bought a Pre, and I'm glad to see it coming to fruition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theduder View Post
    I'm really shocked that this (Flash 10.1) isn't front-page news on the main PreCentral site. The Flash "story" was one of the reasons I bought a Pre, and I'm glad to see it coming to fruition.
    It was yesterday, you must have missed it.
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    Hey, Apple not offering Flash is a "feature," you idiots. Duh.

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    I am getting anxious to see this launched.
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    LOL at the Apple hate on this site, a topic that has nothing to do with Apple turns into an Apple bashfet.
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    Palm Pre To Support Flash:

    Cool can't wait Adobe Flash on a Mobile Devices, On a Palm Pre that's awesome... Looking Forward to it...
    m505, Samsung SPH-I300, Treo 650, Palm Pre
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    Bump this just to get more peole to sign up! Come on people. The more people that sign up and show interest, the faster Palm and Adobe will get this completed and out to the masses.
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    Mmm... (NHL) on my pre? Wow.
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    Buzz Out Loud Episode 1077 covered the defininate release of Flash and Pre will be 1st to get it.
    Iphone & Apple as of yet will not get it anytime soon.

    BOL 1077
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    Nice, can't wait to listen to this on drPodder.

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