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    Quote Originally Posted by Boggs3010 View Post
    Any time I mention software for the phone most people answer and compare it to the iphone. so here it go's the iphone has been out for almost 2 years? and it doesnt have flash 10.1.....hahahahahaha so we must be patient.

    And now the real reply , it will be out in beta it seems before the year is over and we will get it before most other devices. So that is great news and I am happy to read this bit of news.
    As noted already, Apple rejected Adobe's attempts to put Flash on the iPhone in 2007. Apple could have had Flash on the device two years ago but doesn't want it.
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    awesome, thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiniStereO View Post
    Wishful thinking. Flash 10.1 will support GPU acceleration, but this doesn't mean that it supports GPU acceleration on the OMAP3430.

    ...but I think you already understood this, and I'm crossing my fingers just as hard as you are...
    Agree, having Flash support it doesn't mean it's actually there yet. From what I saw in the demo videos, there is no GPU acceleration yet. But I have every expectation that GPU support will be there when it's finally released on webOS, otherwise performance will be dismal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdarknessb View Post
    The ability to play flash games will replace 90% off all iphone apps.
    Remember, Flash is still a plugin architecture, and that can never replace native SDK capabilities when it comes to hardware access or performance. Flash will be great for the webOS, but I'd poo-poo all over Flash in a second for the chance at a real native SDK on the webOS (like iPhone has).

    I think the way to look at it is:

    Native SDK >>>> Current SDK with Flash >> Current SDK

    (where any instance of ">" means "greater than")
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    Quote Originally Posted by thermodynamic View Post
    Wow, that's honestly the best Palm Pre ad I've ever seen, and it wasn't even put out by Palm or Sprint.

    Seriously it felt like that guy was advertising the Pre more than Adobe Flash, and he did a great job at it.
    Exactly what I was thinking. Never mind Flash, my thought was that this was the best Pre ad I have ever seen. I think Palm/Sprint need to focus on simple demos like this. All their previous commercials have been abominable.
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    This better be pushing Palm to pump out some decent video drivers soon. Actually being able to utilize the GPU would be great.
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    I did see this tidbit in one of the articles reporting on the Flash announcement:

    Only Apple's iPhone now lacks a Flash plan. "[Apple chief executive] Steve Jobs has publicly said he's not interested in Flash Lite on the iPhone," Murarka said. That doesn't necessarily exclude a full Flash implementation. Still, Adobe has "nothing to report" on that front, he said.

    Jobs criticized Flash in March 2008 for using a lot of memory and processor power, and RIM's Lazaridis cautioned users that "Web pages load slowly anyway" even without rich content.

    But Adobe has been working hard to improve performance, increasing software rendering speed by 87 percent on mobile platforms versus desktop platforms, and reducing memory consumption by 55 percent, the company says.

    The mobile version of Flash will also support multi-touch, accelerometers, multiple screen orientations, and hardware graphics acceleration.

    "Some developers may have to tweak their existing applications to make them truly portable," Murarka said.
    If Flash really has improved this much, maybe Apple will put it on the iPhone. But it sounds like it will only be allowed to run on the 3GS and not older devices, based on Adobe's own CPU recommendations (> 550MHz). That may prove to be a sticking point, since older iPhones are running around 450MHz if I remember right.
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    I'm curious if ATT has anything to do with it. Imagine the added load to their networks with the vast sea of iPhone users now streaming flash video and playing online games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adjei View Post
    The Apple obsession continues. Something that had nothing to do with Apple turns into an Apple hate fest. Why are you so concerned with what Apple does?
    Just keep the calmm. I don't want another good thread closed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by s219 View Post
    Apple has said repeatedly that they do not want/need Flash on the platform (for a host of reasons). The "native" capabilities in the iPhone SDK go way beyond what Flash can do, and Apple (along with Google and many other companies) are throwing their weight behind HTML 5, which will make the need for plugin-based architectures (like Flash) irrelevant. The writing is on the wall with regards to the future of Flash. I realize it will be good for teh Pre in the short term, but Palm needs to be looking beyond Flash.

    I think the best thing to do is look at the success of the iPhone app store in the absence of Flash. I can't really see where Flash would have made even one bit of difference there.
    That would be a good approach on 2011, but right now flash is a must.

    If Apple could earn a few bucks directly from Adobe you would see Flash on iphone starting yesterday, but they can't, so you don't have flash on iPhone.

    Do you remember emulation restrictions? You will see a Commodore emulator in the app store, but all the apps need to be sold on the App Store.

    it's a Bucks' Tale, simply that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    ok whats your opinion then
    If there was not a huge demand for Flash player, they wouldn't be implementing it on 19 out of the 20 major handsets on the market, would they?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Austintwilliams View Post
    I'm curious if ATT has anything to do with it. Imagine the added load to their networks with the vast sea of iPhone users now streaming flash video and playing online games.
    Then stop bringing unrelated things into the thread.
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    Wow...this is GREAT news! Signed up and can't wait to see what it can do when it is ready.

    Also shocking that Apple isn't bending over backwards to help Adobe, but either way, that doesn't affect me/us. I am just pumped to see WebOS mentioned so prominently in that message and on their site. Great stuff!
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    thanks for this news.
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    Jobs and Adobe are having a mutual peeing contest

    Jobs hates Flash and hopes HTML 5 replaces it.

    But MSFT is dragging it's feet on HTML 5 and Internet Explorer doesn't support it fully. Which leaves a giant hole in the whole implementation and advancement of HTML 5.

    Meanwhile, here comes little ol' Palm sticking it in Apple's eye, again. Got to love that.

    War of the Egos, I call it.
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    The PRE is only getting better and better......and not out 6 months yet!!! And at version 1.2.1!!!
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    sounds good can't wait!!
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    The iPhone 3GF is coming soon... You heard it here first! :-P
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    Adobe always said that the beta would be out/announced in October/later this year.

    No delays, cuz they've done just that.

    They never said the GA release would be available this year at all.
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    actually the beta was previously stated as coming out this october

    "Still, the mobile effort hasn't been a breeze for Adobe, which has recently fallen behind schedule. In June it said it would release the Flash Player 10 beta in October, to coincide with this week's Adobe Max conference."

    Flash Player Inches Closer to Smartphones - Business Center - PC World

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