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    Quote Originally Posted by fredgrin View Post
    Why do you think that Pre hardware is not compatible ?
    I get the impression that it requires some 'grunt'. And when I said Roadrunner, I just meant the next generation Pre, whatever it is to be called.
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    I've got flash 10.1 why doesn't everyone else? I started my pc a while back and it asked me to upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    I get the impression that it requires some 'grunt'.
    I'm pretty sure that the Pre can handle all the grunting I want from Flash.

    I mean, we've all seen the videos. Not of 'grunting', but it works enough for me.
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    I will die of laughter if Pre2 is out before flash on webOS.

    meanwhile in other news... sites and applications continue development... adobe is stuck in the pit-lane.
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    <forget> adobe but they are not to take all the blame.
    palm/hp needs to come out with a new phone. some people here may say why do we need new hardware? even tho i saw a video clip of adobe showcasing a palm pre with flash, we still need new hardware not only for better performance, but to attract more users. the market demand is for phones with better specs. the more users that we get, the more support we get from larger companies.

    seems to be a losing situation at the moment for all of us who likes webos.

    ill keep my palm pre plus but i may be jumping ship on my next phone purchase even if palm/hp comes out with an awesome phone.
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    I saw a video where this guy was on and he was playing flash games on his PRE. I was wondering if the pixi has flash and how do you get it?
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    the pre nor the pixi has flash were still waiting.. (cross fingers )
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    watch this link. He has it!!!
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    Any news big or small would be great as to when Flash 10 will be ready for release for Web OS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jvilly92 View Post

    watch this link. He has it!!!
    Is this real? Why is there not more buzz about it?
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    Its about time, we have been waiting for some time now. It just disapoints me when my friends wants me to check out a webpage that requires flash and i dont have it. tear tear. at the same time im ranting on how amazing webos and Palm is.
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    02/16/2009, 12:13 AM
    orginal post date of OP

    does this not bother anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    02/16/2009, 12:13 AM
    orginal post date of OP

    does this not bother anyone?
    Not really since even when Adobe announced that it was still saying it was a 2010 release. If anything we should know making a firm announcement like that over a year out was foolish on the part of adobe. They are only currently on 1 of the 4 OS's they announced they would be on by early 2010, and not even all phones of that OS, and it didn't come til mid 2010.

    So really regardless of the post date, Adobe jumped the gun, and it is what it is.
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    I am smelling a webOS 2.0 release for Flash. I am also smelling bad Indian food, and I am nowhere near food...... damn............

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    it is really annoying that Flash was promised to be on WebOS before any other mobile platform before the Pre dropped and here we are over a year after its release and nothing. It was first promised by October of 2009, then by the END of 2009, then the 1Q 2010, then first half of 2010, and now....nothing but "we're working, stay tuned". What is the deal? No REAL answers are being given for the delay, just "we're working on it, webos is difficult" and Palm blames adobe for the delay. I guess I feel slightly ripped off that I jumped on with WebOS, and, yes, I understand that it was all on me and I mostly did it because I was STOKED that someone was really going to give the iphone some competion, but the promise for flash first REALLY made the Pre an easy sell. I am still gung ho WebOS and the soon to be released 2.0 looks real nice, I hope it will solve the Flash issue....

    also, if anyone on here has any pull...let's get Skyfire on WebOS!!!!
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    ...flash support was a selling point for me too...
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    i really want it since, for some strange reason, facebook videos are now flash. they weren't a while ago, i don't think.....
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    I think that they will wait for webOS 2.0 to give us Flash. Didn't Precentral announce a while back that Palm had the final version of Flash? I think we're waiting for Palm, not Adobe.
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    From the Adobe Platform Development Blog :

    (Google "adobe blog palm pre flash", first result as of this posting. I can't post the link, sadly.)

    Hi -

    We released to partners in June. We realize there are a lot of people waiting for Flash Player for their Palm device. While the rollout for Android devices has begun, we can’t comment on the timing for our other platform partners including Palm/HP.

    Sounds like Adobe is done and Palm is dragging their feet on something. I don't even care if it crashes my Pre half the time as long as I have it and it works the other half...
  20. #4300 this point i'm on the webOS 2.0 side.... Hp said a slate w/websOS 2.0 is due spring 2011, now way it's missing flash...
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