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    I see what you guys are saying. I guess im trying to point out also that Android may hold strong at #2. Like Coke and Pepsi they both do well but no one really hears about #3. Ya know McDonalds and BK we know thats other stuff out there thats better but its only a selected group that knows it. Im personally and In N Out guy here in Cali.
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    Yeah I'm getting sick of the flash talk, but I'm also jealous Nexus one owners can watch hulu and I can't.
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    a long time ago I thought flash would be cool on my pre,,but since lost interest,,dont care if we ever get it,,have no real use for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dachiefmizzy View Post
    Yeah I'm getting sick of the flash talk, but I'm also jealous Nexus one owners can watch hulu and I can't.

    I thought Hulu blocked their videos for all mobile devices? Even with a handheld running flash, Hulu would'nt play?

    (Or when it does, with a work-around, Hulu then blocks that work-around)
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    I've never been a big fan of Flash, and especially of sites that rely on Flash, but I can't stick my head in the sand like Steve Jobs. It's a rare site that I want to see that uses it, but Flash is a reality, it is used by many websites. Though it will likely fall by the wayside in favor of HTML 5, Adobe (and Palm?) is doing us a disservice by not getting it to us so we can visit those websites, as it will be used for a long time to come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finngirl View Post
    I thought Hulu blocked their videos for all mobile devices?
    They do. Can the Nexus One really access Hulu?
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    is anybody aware that htc desire has flash without froyo? just asking coz all say "cry they get it before us". in fact they have it already on desire.
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    Well Hulu blocked access to N1 however there is a workaround to trick Hulu into thinking the N1 is acutally a desktop. According to Engadget all you have to do is change the URL address. I'm not sure if this has been blocked since then though.
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    I was trying to get information from Adobe regarding Flash for WebOs. this is found on:

    Adobe replied:
    Palm/HP is in charge of when Flash will be publicly available on their devices and OS, not Adobe. The impending merger has probably affected all of their product plans and schedules. You need to contact them with your question

    I responded:
    So what you are saying is that adobe on their part is ready with the flash player plug-in but Palm has yet to set a tentative release date? Adobe has everything done on their part as far as beta is concern to release flash 10.1 to the webos platform? In you professional opinion, will flash be ready for the webos platform by the end of june as stated on your site? thanks

    Adobe responded:
    What I am saying is that at this time only Palm/HP can provide information as to when Flash will be available on their products.

    I haven't confirmed any information from Palm or HP. I have emailed HP in regards to Flash for WebOs but I couldn't obtain Palm's corporate email. I will try contacting via phone to see if I can get a straight answer
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    7:28 AMRep: I understand that you are using Palm Pre Plus device, and you wish to know when will be the Adobe Flash Reader available on the webOS devices.

    7:29 AM Me: yes

    7:29 AM Rep(Name taken out): Thank you for the confirmation.

    7:29 AM Me: I was inquiring to see if Flash 10.1 beta plug-in will be ready for use by the half of 2010 or 6/30/2010

    7:30 AM Rep: As of now we don't have any information regarding the Abode Flash Reader release date.

    7:31 AM Me: Can you tell me if the waiting is on Adobe's part or the combination of both parties?

    7:31 AM Rep: We don't have any updates regarding the release date.

    7:32 AM Me: Is the range still within the first half of 2010

    7:32 AM Rep: I am sorry, to be honest, we don't have any information regarding this.

    7:33 AM Rep: I don't want to provide you a false information regarding this.

    7:33 AM Rep: For any latest updates, it will be posted in our Palm website.

    7:33 AM Me: Ok, thank you for the feedback

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    stop wasting peoples time?
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    Looks like they don't know what's going on... I not 100% sure though.
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    Better safe than sorry... I'd rather have a Beta full functional and no bugs, than one where everything crashes and than id be using my palm device as a frisbee so adobe take ur time, but get it going
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    Will we ever have the ability to watch movies on Palm Pre?
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    Does Youtube count as a movie?

    If you are talking specifically about Flash, there are a zillion threads about that already, such as:
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    This is an old video, but it gives good info:

    Games on Palm Pre demo - Adobe Developer Connection
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    here is what I got
    2:54 PM REP: I understand you are looking for Flash Player on your Pre device.
    2:54 PM REP: Am I correct?
    2:55 PM ME: yes i was told that adobe released it to you guys and that i would need to conact you to find out why it does not work on my phone
    2:56 PM REP: Yes, it has released. But we do not have complete plugins of Flash Player.
    2:56 PM REP: Our engineering team is working on this issue and it will be fixed soon.
    2:56 PM REP: You can get this update over the air to your device once we have Flash Player available.
    2:57 PM ME: do you have a timeframe
    2:57 PM REP: Unfortunately I do not have the correct time frame.
    2:57 PM ME: like with the next update?
    2:57 PM ME: ok thanks
    2:57 PM REP: You are most welcome.
    2:57 PM REP: I appreciate your patience and understanding.
    2:57 PM REP: Here’s the reference number for our chat: Chat session ID number 58510063. Keep this number as a record of this chat.
    2:58 PM REP: 8any
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    I have seen a Palm help desk person commenting on P|C forum. He would have some idea about Flash on Pre date

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