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    I like the fact that hes very exact about his needs
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Oh please...let's just all admit that's exactly why we want flash on the Pre!
    Damn Straight!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Oh please...let's just all admit that's exactly why we want flash on the Pre!
    In my mind that is the central reason why one would want and need Flash on a mobile phone. It's not the only reason but it seems to be the most sensible reason, outside of playing Flash-based games. Otherwise, who wants the battery eating, processor slowing mobile Flash on their phone?
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    yea i cant access this on my cpu from work...dont want to take that, cant wait till flash player comes out....
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    LMAO. At least he's being honest about why he wants flash.
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    there are plenty of mobile sites that work. Or so I've heard
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarey320 View Post
    I think its hilarious you say laugh my **** off rather than a s s, yet you are asking how to view "adult" material on your phone at work.
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    LOLOLOL... I love it... & I've heard there are sites set up for flash-free video viewing... like I said... I HEARD...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarey320 View Post
    I went on an adult web site trying to watch videos and it said i needed the latest version of adobe. Can someonce help me w/this?

    Try the mobile website of OVGuide. It has several types of sites to watch streaming videos.
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    You don't need flash for **** on ur pre.

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    did you get the links?
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    Just google mobile OVGuide. I don't know about posting links here yet, This is my 3rd post.
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    ok "iphone ****" or something, and every mobile iphone **** site works with the pre....not that i know first hand but....i just know...don't judge me.

    ok **** is the word for dirty videos, you should know what im talking about.
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    LMAO. rubbing one out on the job: hilarious. Having your boss find out you were rubbing one out from your pre: priceless.
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    Warning Pre P0rn might cause PREmature ***********...
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    Thanks for the update.
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    Adobe has been showing off Flash on the Pre for a good six months. Sorry to be a negative Nancy, man.

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