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    Been meaning to ask. If YouTube uses Flash, how does the YouTube app work on the Pre?
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    They use Flash & another format (name escapes me) for WebOS, WinMo, and iPhoneOS
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    webOS YouTube app streams MP4's, I believe.
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    If I'm understanding the situation, Adobe is whining to government about being dissed by Apple at the same time THEY are dissing WebOS and Android. Do I have it right?
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    The mobile version is not ready yet (for whatever reason). Adobe is NOT refusing to allow webOS or Android to use it. Its not available to be used.
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    what ^ said...

    It's not just the fact that apple is saying no to flash, it's the fact that they are saying no to multiplatform tools. Adobe was releasing a software to let you easily port flash games to the iphone, but apple said not to them, and to almost everyone else.
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    "Well, here's something of a surprise. In addition to demonstrating Flash running on phones like the Nexus One and Palm Pre at the now-happening Web 2.0 Expo, Adobe also has a prototype Android tablet of some sort on hand that, according to Zedomax, runs Flash and Air apps "flawlessly." "

    Can't post link yet. Its on engadget in the Adobe...Android article.

    Looked to see if it was already on the board and didn't see it...
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    I was more focusing on the seeming slowness of getting flash on platforms that are trying to welcome them with open arms. Other threads gave me the impression they were "pulling a Dataviz" on us.

    Apple's dictatorial stand makes me even more glad I have a Pre. Let's hope HP maintains the open platform as Palm has up to now.

    That said, government should stay out of this one. No one is forced to buy from Apple.
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    +1 on ^^ 2nd paragraph...i aint buyin **** from Apple...ever.

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    Adobe makes software that hopes to allow application developers to produce one application and allow it to run on multiple devices. IE develop a app for Apple and it would work on Palm. The idea is to make it easier for Dev's to make money and for adobe to get a piece thru licensing. Apple knows its App store is a important reason for the sales the i phone gets and wants to protect the uniqueness of it from its competitors. It will no longer allow 3rd party tools like Abobe's from being used to make their applications. Adobe thinks its anti competitive and filed a complaint. What do you think?
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    I went on an adult web site trying to watch videos and it said i needed the latest version of adobe. Can someonce help me w/this?
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    Um first off wow and second off no flash isn't out for web os
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    Okay. Yes: you're missing Flash, which nobody knows when we'll be getting for webOS.
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    lol...gota have something to pass the time at work....lmbo
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    rubbing one out on the clock. L-O-L!
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    Must be one of those gov workers who can't access those adult sites on his PC anymore... :P

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