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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    It's deja vu. Anyone remember the first iPod? Almost 10 years ago, and everyone was *****ing about how "limiting" it was, but people were flocking to it like crazy because of the ease of use and incredible user experience it provided.

    Now, 10 years later and almost 240 million units sold world wide, it revolutionized portable music. Apple did it again in the mobile phone market, and again off the bat people talked about how limiting it was, yada yada... 3 years later and 21 million iPhones sold worldwide it's the leading smartphone.

    See a pattern here? Welcome iPad.
    The difference between those products and the iPad is that the iPad is merely an extension of the progress that those two products brought along, not a phenomenon unto itself.

    Much of the explosive growth the iPad might have otherwise garnered has already been taken by the iPhone and the mainstream smartphone revolution it's already sparked. A lot of stuff people do with iPad is already being done on devices people pay $70-100 a month for. So it's just not as compelling an offering as the iPod or iPhone.

    It never will be.
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    Knowing how Google seems to be into everything now-a-days and taking old pay services, revamping them, and releasing free versions of their own.... I could totally see Google suddenly releasing something from GoogleLabs that makes Flash old-stuff. Wouldn't surprise me a bit! Nope.. not a bit.
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    i have an iPad(new yorkers love spending money) and this "toy" will never ever ever EVER replace my macbook pro. Laptops have uhh disc drives, removable batteries and PHYSICAL KEYBOARDS. I dont have a macbook pro to read books and watch movies. For anyone on the fence, keep ur cash. Of course Jobs and his band of burgulars are already coming out with a better version. Oy vea
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Anyone know if webOS can/will support HTML-5?
    Yes, WebOS supports HTML5. That is because HTML5 is a standard.

    I don't understand the hate for HTML5 around these parts. Sites that use HTML5 allow us to watch streaming video on our Pres right now. I know I'd rather do that than start the 769th post on when Flash will be out for WebOS.
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    has anyone heard any kind of rumor or know when 10.1 will be release in the app catalog?
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    First part of 2010.
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    o I know. I was curious if anyone knew the actuall release day for it
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    Hey can u watch with the new flash?
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    These kind of threads need better titles. It always sounds like its someone actually posting about it being released till you click the thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshewah View Post
    These kind of threads need better titles. It always sounds like its someone actually posting about it being released till you click the thread.
    These kind of threads need to go away. If and when Flash is available I'm more than positive it will be posted on the front page of Precentral.

    People need to realize there are 12 months in a year, and using basic math... first of of the year is the first 6 months, so that means up to July 1st. And knowing Adobe, I'm sure we will see it come November or December
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    How about trying a search this is at least the 3rd time today that someone has made a pointless thread about Flash and guess what we haven't learned anything about it yet
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    if you don't like these flash threads why waste your time to read and post on them ?

    Lets man up and stop complaining jus don't read them if they bother you this much problem solved....
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    well what i have heard is that because of the decline in paid app downloads from the app catalog, they have postponed the release because of all the rich-content available through flash until maybe the recent release of international sales of paid content? i would definitely expect it in the next couple months... Many people have also speculated that there willl be many restrictions when it is actually release like noted on the Youtube site (it says that our current browser will be unsupported in the near future)

    update: not looking good for flash gaming on any touchscreen device-

    "Many (if not most) current Flash games, menus, and even video players require a visible mouse pointer. They are coded to rely on the difference between hovering over something (mouseover) vs. actually clicking. This distinction is not rare. It’s pervasive, fundamental to interactive design, and vital to the basic use of Flash content. New Flash content designed just for touchscreens can be done, but people want existing Flash sites to work. All of them—not just some here and there—and in a usable manner. That’s impossible no matter what."


    * Video players where the controls appear on mouseover and hide otherwise. (This seems to be the norm, in fact. Whereas a click on the same video does something different: usually Pause. Try Hulu for instance.)

    * Games where you steer with the mouse without clicking (extremely common).

    * Menus that popup up subpage links when you mouse over a main button, vs. going directly to a main category page when you click.

    * Buttons that have important explanations/summaries on mouseover, which you need to understand before deciding what to click.

    * Functions that use mouseover to preview and click to commit; such as choosing hair colors for an avatar: you mouse over the colors until your character looks the way you like, and then you click to commit.

    * Maps and diagrams that don’t use click at all, but pop up info as you mouse around.

    * Numerous other custom mouseover functions that “just work” with a mouse and need no explanation."

    "None of these things can work right with a finger (or traditional stylus) because on a touchscreen, pointing at something without clicking isn’t a mouseover: it’s just holding your finger vaguely in the air. The device doesn’t even know it’s happening.

    In addition, some Flash sites rely on right-clicks (such as for security settings), and many rely on a physical keyboard. Especially games, which are the main kind of content people want from Flash. (I’d say video, except video can easily be done without Flash, and sites are increasingly doing so. Much of the video missing from your favorite Flash site is probably easily found on YouTube anyway.) Games often use realtime key control, requiring a distinction between a single press and a long hold, and including the need for chording. For instance: holding right arrow continuously to walk, while simultaneously hitting the space bar to fire, and either hitting up-arrow once to jump or holding up-arrow longer to jump higher. A touchscreen keyboard can’t handle these kinds of rapid, precise combinations well. And the keyboard would block the game view, too. Games on a touchscreen need controls suitable for a touchscreen (and/or tilt)."
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    Supposed Terrible Solutions:
    A) The best case: every Flash app on every site is re-thought by its designers and re-coded by its programmers (if they’re even still available), just for touchscreens. They wouldn’t use mouseovers any more—or else they’d have dual versions of all Flash content, so that mouse users could still benefit from the mouseovers they are used to. That’s a ton of work across the Web, for thousands of parties, and just isn’t going to happen. Plus, with many sites, mouseovers are so fundamental that the very concept of the site would be altered, creating a whole different experience that would annoy and confuse the site’s existing users. (And would this be any easier than simply re-designing without Flash at all? Not always.)

    B) Gestures, finger gymnastics or extra physical buttons are created that simulate mouseover—which is absurd since mouseovers, by their nature, are meant to be simpler than a click/tap, not more complex. And meant to be natural, not something new to learn. Not a whole set of habits that violates our desktop habits. And any additional complexity is unworkable when it comes to games: you need to react quickly and simply, not remember when to hold the Simulate Mouseover button, or use three fingers, or whatever. The game itself is enough to deal with. Anything on top of that takes away fun.

    C) Make clicking itself—the fundamental, constantly-used action—MORE complex. Such as requiring a double-tap or two-finger tap before anything is registered. (Two taps is how Mobile Safari does JavaScript popup menus: the first tap pops it up, the second selects.) But many Flash apps and games already use double-click (or rapid-fire clicking) for other things. Extra taps only make sense for certain limited situations (like menu popups). And it’s not just clicking: you have to allow for movement: dragging vs. a moving mouseover. And even if a system could be created that was quick and simple enough to do all this in the middle of a game, how would the user know which parts of a web page played by these special rules? One part of a page (the Flash elements) would do fundamental things like scrolling or link-clicking differently from the rest of the page! (Not to mention the rest of your touch-based apps.)

    D) Have a visible mouse pointer near your finger, and not interact with things directly. Use Apple track-pad style tap-and-drag gestures, as seen in some VNC clients. This kind of indirect control violates the very principle of direct touch manipulation. This is making the touchscreen be something “like a laptop but worse” and has little reason to exist. And again, you’d have to keep remembering whether you were in direct touch mode or “drag the arrow” mode, and which parts of the page behaved in which way.

    E) Require extra force for a “real” tap. So you’d have to learn habits for a light tap vs. a hard tap. This extra complexity is non-intuitive, cramp-inducing, and easy for the user to get wrong (even with click feedback, as in RIM’s failed BlackBerry SurePress experiment). This complicates the whole device just for the sake of one browser plugin, and makes it more expensive to build.
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    I have been waiting for Flash on the Pre, mainly in hopes of being able to access video sites and possibly the flash-based player, but after watching this video, I think there are a whole bunch of possibilities that I never thought of. Good stuff

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    Flash is a great tool. I don't see HTML5 replacing it any time soon. Sure, some websites might start using it now because of Apple. But there will always be flash video, because it's already there.. Content on blogs and other static pages will never be changed and remain flash video forever..

    With Google putting flash into Chrome, I think it'll only get more important. It's just a great platform for creating rich and attractive web applications. You don't have to be a coding junkie to make a simple interactive graph, like with JSJSJS/$AJAX$.

    I hope they'll get it onto our phones soon. That'll make it easier to create apps as well. Just make one app in Adobe AIR and release it for webos, android and iphone.. Hurry Adobe!
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    At the rate they are going we will all have new phones before flash comes out.

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    yeah im betting ill buy some other phone before the pre gets flash.Im starting to think that the pre 2 wil be geting flash and not the original pre but i wont be buyig that so **** adobe and **** flash they can kma
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    Quote Originally Posted by o0otoxic View Post
    yeah im betting ill buy some other phone before the pre gets flash.Im starting to think that the pre 2 wil be geting flash and not the original pre but i wont be buyig that so **** adobe and **** flash they can kma
    ya and when it is finally released you - like the rest of us will be downloading it and installing it as fast as your little net connection will let you -- i have a 4 year old spoilt child and a lot of people here sound just like her
    this is what you sound like

    Willy wonka " this is flash for your phone it will be out soon - it will be FREE and it will be yours - you just have to wait a little bit"
    Veruka Salt (you) " I WANT IT NOW - GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

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    how do you figure I just like the rest of the community have been waiting and watching the release dates go by so excuse me if im a little ****ed that they keep give out release dates and then say oh just wait a bit longer.which is why i can not wait till html 5 takes them out
    and no i prob wont be installing it bc ill prob have upgraded to a new phone by then.Most of the peeps that got the release day pre are almost due for there upgrades

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