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    Palm really needs this to be rreleased. The quicker we get it the better just one more thing the iPhone can't do.
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    And folks, I should note: we're still waiting for the beta release of the Flash plug-in for webOS.
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    I know that the Flash plug-in is still in the works, but explain this... I went to looking for something on my Palm Pre. There was a big black area covering part of the screen which seemed odd. I started to refresh the screen but before I did, video started playing in that area of the screen (with audio). It was pretty squirrely - using touch scrolling I finally got it to mostly fill the screen and the video played to the end.

    When I checked that web page on my PC, based on the source code it looks like the video is a flash object. Right clicking on the video includes an "About Flash 10" option. So, I assume what I saw was Flash playing on a Pre. But how?

    Someone else try this and tell me I'm not dreaming...
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    sure enough it is playing video abeit in landscape and is buggy my guess is the videos are coded for both flash and html5 for ipad and itouch browsers

    *edit* I went to another website that featured flash videos that I was sure wouldn't have html5 video yet and sure enough it didn't play it just showed the lego block with the question mark interesting enough is that i double tapped the plugin window and it zoomed into to make the video(or would be video) window visible in the screen while making the rest of the webpage black almost as if it were bringing the video window into the foreground and the rest of the webpage into the breakground, very nice now we just need the flash plug-in!
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    There is a video. I agree with psvillars that it may be html5. I went to and recieved the usual message that it requires flash 10.x to run
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    yeah sure enough you are right with what you have witness on i looking at it right as i type its all out of place though i cant seem to get it to play in the right position
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    no hulu here either
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    And folks, I should note: we're still waiting for the beta release of the Flash plug-in for webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phil.hsr View Post
    Its amazing how fed up with flash we all are...why the hell did they announce it ssoooo early on?!?!?lol
    Hey... tell that to Palm... Pre was announced in January and wasn't available till June, August and November.
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    funny thing is by the time flash is released for web os everyone will be ready for new phones!! my 1 year mark is coming up quick!
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    Adobe better hurry up or Flash for mobiles will be irrelevant.
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    Considering there are a bunch of mobile enhancements, I'd say that it is a good sign. Check out the pdf, it's very informative and only 16 pages.
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    One of the vendors I use at work does this all the time. They announce a HUGE new service, have a big kick-off meeting and training seminar, and then the actual product doesn't get release for 12 months - if at all (no joke). Sometimes when working with that company I laugh to myself visualizing their offices being part of Adobe.
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    If you read the pdf, it says "first half of 2010," good to know when they plan to releaes it.
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    With some web sites when you see the Icon that looks like a Block with a Question Mark over it; which is letting you know that your browser doesn't support that Adobe Add-On; the videos can still sometimes be played using the WebOS's Native Media Player. You just click on the file and it will load within the player. But if Adobe were fully supported, the video would play through the site instead. So maybe you were able to play the video using the media player.

    The main ways you will know When & If Flash is ever completely supported on our WebOS phones, is when you can visit -

    Sites Built Completely Out Of Flash Like: Rachelle Leah

    Play Flash Games From Sites Like: Free Online Games from Adult Swim Games

    And View Flash Videos From Sites Like: Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free.

    I REALLY hope Adobe gets off their *** and releases the player already! It's been over a year since they announced the player would be coming to the WebOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869 View Post
    Umm.. what are you smoking? The limited Ipad will NEVER replace a laptop EVER EVER EVER. You are nuts thinking that. The Ipod replaced a walkman because it held 10000 times the entertainment, was smaller, had random access to data, was digital, etc. etc. etc..

    The Ipad with it's weeny little CPU and lack of file structure won't ever replace a laptop- it's a device for people who DONT want a laptop.
    Who do you think you talk to? Your teen brother? Stop being hormonal.
    I'm still laughing, while reading your post: "The Ipod replaced a walkman because it held 10000 times the entertainment, was smaller, had random access to data, was digital, etc. etc. etc."

    Do you really think in your ignorance that Apple will stick with a crippled mini-tablet? All they have to do is release another software update and 285 new features can be available to end-users in a snap, the same way they did with the iPods. They don't release major OS updates like Microsoft, every 4 years. Their micro-platform allows them to fire quick releases, like WebOS does. I bet you have no idea Webkit was developed by Apple and all devs kiss their hands because Apple allowed the world to actually render decent web pages on most modern mobile phones... and iPads.

    If I would not stick to my principles, I would own an iPad for sure. Every developer I know got one and they all know its real potential. That is enough said.

    Gee, what the world is turning to, with all these trolls who fart every 2min intense stupidities, thinking they are "technical". Wakeup and act normal, the world is full of ignorants, there is no need to show everyone you are one of them. From your 322+ posts, I think you managed to make about 2 intelligent remarks into these forums. What a waste of space into PreCentral MySQL database... The man with a decade of experience in the mobile community, LOL.

    I won't bother to reply to you again, in fact let me add you to my Ignore list.
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    It's deja vu. Anyone remember the first iPod? Almost 10 years ago, and everyone was *****ing about how "limiting" it was, but people were flocking to it like crazy because of the ease of use and incredible user experience it provided.

    Now, 10 years later and almost 240 million units sold world wide, it revolutionized portable music. Apple did it again in the mobile phone market, and again off the bat people talked about how limiting it was, yada yada... 3 years later and 21 million iPhones sold worldwide it's the leading smartphone.

    See a pattern here? Welcome iPad.

    It's all about the user experience and Apple is at the top when it comes to providing that experience. Call it what you will, I know many will blast what I say here, but it's the truth. Some people just don't like the facts and will say anything to neglect them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Adobe better hurry up or Flash for mobiles will be irrelevant.
    Not only for mobile devices... I usually don't agree with what Apple says, but I own a Mac. Even Flash 10.1 RC on Mac OS X or Linux is not always GPU accelerated (e.g. H.264), performance is still a no go. Adobe is getting on my nerves, indeed "lazy" and sooo slow.
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    I brought an Ipad to replace a netbook, works for me, but i don't think it will replace notebooks , at least at this stage.

    Please don't knock it, till you try one, you might find its very good, i did.

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