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    simple every time one of you makes a flash thread it gets delayed 72 hours so you have noone to thank but yourselves
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    Im in a very bad mood....not because of the Pre but other
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    Hehe... the ****ty adobe announced that it should have been ready as a beta for pre back in 2009, so don't get to excited about it

    Flash Beta Due on WebOS in October
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    All we can do is wait...
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    not true we can also complain cuz that makes stuff come faster
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    you sure like to end the second half of your thread titles in ALL CAPS
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    do you always go online and ***** about stuff when youre in a bad mood perhaps you should try a shrink
    Is your life based around *****ing about people starting certain threads? There are mods who do the job you're trying to do. If they see the thread as a nuisance they will delete it. Relax, take a jog around the block or something!
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    I really, really, really, hope that the wait for Flash doesn't turn into another Pre 1.4 debacle.... It is here when it appears in the App Catalog. Done.
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    I hope it's app #1,600, but that's probably a long shot.
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    I dont think we are getting anything besides a beta anyway. Whenever it comes out, I'd wager that is beta, in name or quality.
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    Didn't they originally say that the beta would be available 4th quarter 2009?
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    Quote Originally Posted by geodim View Post
    Didn't they originally say that the beta would be available 4th quarter 2009?
    yes... It got delayed...
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    I'm surprised it hasn't leaked out somewhere by now...
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    I'm suprised Adobe hasn't given up on Flash 10 and moved on to Flash 11. Seriously, their development takes forever. It's like waiting for Starcraft 2.
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    you guys are signed up for the beta, right? i imagine that'll be the fastest way to know when it's out.
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    I'm surprised all of you are demanding flash like a spoiled child. Be grateful it's free in the first place.

    ...but daddy, I WANT A GOLDEN GOOSE RIGHT NOW!!!
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    If you read the page where you sign up for beta info, it now states sometime in 2010 not first half like it used to.
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    Adobe are ****'s when it comes to sticking to release dates. I wouldn't be surprised if i grow gray hairs by the time the bets gets released.

    (And before anyone tries to get smart, im relatively young yet, and no over-active hormone/Condition which would cause premature gray hairs, meh, what can i say? Had a bad day -.-)
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    "...but daddy, I WANT A GOLDEN GOOSE RIGHT NOW!!! "

    Now that is freaking hilarious!! (:
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    i just want flash so i can rub it in iphone users faces. i'd say something like "hey check it out, im streaming pandora, playing a game on, and about to take a picture of you while all that drool is coming out of your mouth"

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