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    I have seen other gsm users take a sprint webos dr, unzip, take the .tar file out and put it in the o2 gsm dr. Am I the only one it isn't working for? I downgraded to 1.3.1 gsm, took the sprint, unzipped, swapped the tar files, renamed to jar, opened it, runs fine, but when i run it on the pre it stays at 3% for about 40 minutes by which time it disconnects itself. What am I doing wrong? It's worked for other people on here?

    I know no-one can link me to anything but other threads on this have been allowed so I hope this one will be, I've tried every combination for a day now and none will take only the official ones.
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    Well, finally I did it. I am on GSM Sprint However, no Yahoo or paid apps- other people have this, can't understand why I don't?

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