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    The Pre emulator refuses to run (it requires Virtualbox 3.0.0 to 3.0.12).

    I have Virtualbox 3.5 installed and cannot downgrade it - I have other things that require new 3.5.x features, and as far as I'm aware there is no way to have multiple versions installed.

    Is there any way to /force/ the emulator to run? It's an emulator after all... no permanent damage.

    I'd also be curious to know why it isn't forward-compatible...?
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    Well based on previous experience, since they have to update the emulator for each new webOS version, chances are the emulator image for 1.4 will work on 3.5 (or at least a new version of the 3.0.x series). The only other solutions I can think of are:

    -Dual-boot another operating system and run 3.0.12 in that.
    -Run 3.0.12 inside a virtual machine. This actually wouldn't be too painful, since the webOS image is very light on system requirements.
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