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    first they call their awesome new device a "pixi". Then they market the pre plus to "moms". I say no! There is nothing manlier then flicking,swiping, and pinching! Who is with me?
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    it should've been the pre instead of the dodge charger

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    I wouldn't have minded seeing the Pre+ in Meagan Fox's hand/hand doubles hand...
    Last edited by Honis; 02/09/2010 at 08:50 PM. Reason: forgot there was a stunt double
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honis View Post
    I wouldn't have minded seeing the Pre+ in Meagan Fox's hand/hand doubles hand...
    I love the Pre but nothing looks good in Megan Fox's hand. So so so so very hot in every way but that. Her toe thumb is just gross. Her hand double, or maybe a little photoshop but not raw dog. No way.
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    I agree that the Pre is manly. Any device that has that much power and that much ability is manly. I think Palm just wanted to widen the audience a bit to include the moms - not isolate them from everyone else.

    Though I have no idea about the Pixi thing....
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    Guess what. I'm a mom, and an Admin, (and only female member of staff) of the UK's largest iPhone site. I hacked in to my Pre the first hour I bought it, am a graphic designer, and fix people's computers for them in my spare time. I also play lead guitar, synths, and use programs such as logic pro.
    Please do not insinuate moms are in some way inferior, I am living proof they are not.
    Saying something is not manly and being embarrassed is like saying women are always technologically inferior based on gender only- 'manly' vs 'girly'
    I make iPhone themes. The look of the Pre is very gloss oriented, windows like which is what most men prefer. the iPhone theme world at the minute tends to go for more matte, soft themes, so if anything, the iphone is less 'manly' using your logic than the Pre.
    I do agree that the Pixi is a daft name though, it does sound like it is being marketed towards the kind of woman who is not very tech savvy (in their keynote he even said 'entry level smartphone') so the sexism thing comes right down to Palm. May have well have coloured it pink with Playboy bunnies on it.
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    OMG, what sexist tripe saying that the Palm is manly. There are men and women in the world people. Get use to it. It is how our species survives. Saying a phone is manly or womanly is just ridiculous. I could make the argument the other way. This world would be pretty boring if it were all unisex. Get a life and go do something productive. Vive la différence!
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    while this topic was not meant to be taken 100% seriously, I meant " stereotypical moms". I was in no way insulting own mother is a mom!
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    The satire challenged have already shown up. That didn't take long.
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    ^^^ political correction fail ^^^
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    Im trying to get the gf to buy a pixi instead of a LG venus, she says the palm is a mans phone
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    Im dealing with the aftermath of my mother going out and switching from Verizon to Sprint, buying a Pre -- and then calling me from FL to tell me that her phone is stuck saying the 'Palm' logo because she somehow tried to install the Sirius app from the Sirius web page (note: the Sirius app is an iphone app)

    After 2 days, it was my mother's first introduction to the WebOS doctor. I have no idea exactly WHAT she did or how it failed so miserably -- but it wasn't coming back until the Dr. fixed it.

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