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    I wonder if messaging enhancements means FB Chat. That would be huge and would make WebOS The first phone with a native FB Chat app.
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    I need Palm to increase the volume on the headset. I can't hear my talk shows the volume is way too low, at the highest settings.

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    well I was told by a sales rp at verizone that it wld be on or around 2/12/2010 and I did a post on it . I also mentioned in that article how little those guys actually know even though he got his info from "from palm rep" and I aparently offended a sales rep who responded . Well 1 I ment no harm and 2 I hate that I was right after all !!! Palm please don't fail me again.
    but vimick seems to have an official chart and I wanna believe so .. I say huray !!! Please don't fail me again palm .1d
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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    It's sad how quickly a rumor can go from "a friend of a guy who heard something" to being reported on every "news" site as fact. I'm not saying this is 100% true or false. I'm just saying that the state of the media nowadays is so damn lazy.

    Anyway my hopes is that it's before the 15. I want it now.
    I'm totally with you on this, it's ridiculous when any newscast references a titter post, the local one here does it all the time.

    Not only could I care less what Shelly H. from American Fork had to say about Health Care reform, but her being "rlyz upst @ obma" was, while more researched than the rest of the news report, not what I'd call informative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post
    I need Palm to increase the volume on the headset. I can't hear my talk shows the volume is way too low, at the highest settings.

    i cant hear people sometimes on speaker or the main ear piece.......they need to increase the volume, i know it can be loud as some ringtones are LOUD
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfphysics View Post
    Well why not just open instantly without pressing the button. Why would someone want a delay?
    Testing this on my Pixi, it opens the card immediately but there's still a delay while the app loads inside the card.
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    Precentral is Tweeting that 1.4 will likely be pushed back a week :<
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    Precentral twitter says it was tipped there may be a week delay....booooooooooooo!
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    Hey, it gets here when it gets here.
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    Delays delays delays. What else is new.
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    oh well. impatient people are impatient
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    Probably just a freak rumor to get people going crazy.
    I don't believe unless I have proof.
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    well the forums will be lively with acusations of incompetence, doom and gloom now.

    even though all we had was a) a tip from a forum member ( a very respectable and good tip though) and #) word from the ceo that it was coming in febuary.

    in a week, rubenstein will have still delivered on his word.

    still a dissapointment, but it's not like palm has dropped the ball.
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    I think it's pretty crappy of precentral to tweet something like that without any source info or an article with more information. I love the forums and most of the articles but, most information is late or lame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Delays delays delays. What else is new.
    Which other updates were delayed?
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    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    The original source of the update coming the 15th came from a Sprint site, not Palm.
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    who was the person who worked with sprint that said the update would be out on monday
    wouldnt he know much of the week delay of it were true
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    Which other updates were delayed?
    as far as I know, 1.4 is the only update palm has officially given some hard timefram for to the general public, that being febuary.

    if it hits this month, it's not delayed, from a user standpoint.

    other updates have come both later than, and earlier than, the rumored dates.
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    If it doesn't come out on Monday that doesn't amount to a "delay."

    The release date announced at CES was February. We are just barely halfway through the month.
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    I think these folks who complain about 1-2 months between updates should have to spend a year with a WinMo phone. Even Android or Apple. The vast majority of Android users are behind and waiting to see when and if they will get an update. Apple users get patches but new functionality comes once a year and for some of it you buy a new phone. WinMo? Forget it. Everyone else is waiting and waiting for updates for months and months and months.

    Man, I remember waiting for the ROM update for my 700p. Months and months after it was rumored and then it came a year after I got the phone and it sucked.

    I think you'all can wait another week or two.
    Palms and more Palms till the 700p ruined it for me. Blackberry and now the Pre. Sprint customer since 1994! They had 1 tower in town.
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