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    Maybe next time you should check the source of the article.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    Maybe next time you should check the source of the article.
    haha. thats not nice. i can't wait till 1.4 though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    Maybe next time you should check the source of the article.
    i lold. im fairly tired. didnt see any post on the forum. didnt check precentral itself.
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    It's sad how quickly a rumor can go from "a friend of a guy who heard something" to being reported on every "news" site as fact. I'm not saying this is 100% true or false. I'm just saying that the state of the media nowadays is so damn lazy.

    Anyway my hopes is that it's before the 15. I want it now.
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    i wonder if messaging enhancements including supporting different messaging client like live or msn whatever its called these days
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    Check out 4:02 on this video for a demo of its shoot and edit capability

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    Hmm... If Flash will come through the app catalogue I really hope they fix the problem of unsupported countries ot being able to access it, because not getting Flash due to stupidity on Palm's part would be annoying...
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    what about zoom for the camera??
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    Anyone have an idea on what this Phonebook transfer is? What will be able to export/import...contacts to/from a file that we can edit on a PC??
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    This rumor is fake and gay. Maybe. IDk, I sure wouldn't mind if it came the 14th though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hypeazzchico View Post
    what about zoom for the camera??
    Optical Zoom will not magically appear. Digital zoom is of no help either. just crop on your desktop. I'd much rather have Photo Editing that Digital zoom
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    What about inviting participants for event from contacts? Invite w/text or email. I like event location mapping...gcal sync not a gotta have...yet. Give me FLASH!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post
    Tip: if you want an app to open instantly, after you select it, just press the center button, the app will open instantly.

    Well why not just open instantly without pressing the button. Why would someone want a delay?
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    I'm excited...actually don't hear anyone talking about it, but Video, Flash and how bout UNDO.

    I can't be the only one whose deleted data by not holding the gesture area properly when doing a copy/cut/paste? Not very pleasant and easily fixable if we had Undo. I'm excited though and look forward to whatever may come.

    Thanks for the GREAT Work Palm!!! Sorli...
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    undo would be good..
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    what part of equals 1.4
    the version is what is already shipping with the pre plus.
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    1.4 does not equal The latter is what already ships with the pre plus
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    So I busted my pre a few weeks ago. Assurion sent me a terrible replacement. They are sending me another "new" one, I should have it today. So, I have a decision.

    My current pre has all the patches and launcher pages and apps all setup the way I like. Should I wait to transfer phones until 1.4 is released? My fear is I go and get the "new" phone right where I want it (takes days) and then 1.4 comes out and I end up needing to doctor it. I HAD to doctor the last 2 updates, phone was just acting funky.

    Thought I'd ask for some opinions in helping with the decision. I really don't like the sounds of setting the whole phone up twice.

    Oh, Option 3: Transfer phones but run it way. I'd lose my mind!
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    Windows 7 Mobile to be announced on February 15th... coincidence?

    Considering the sheer volume of Windows Mobile-related reports that have flooded the Internet the last few weeks, it is no surprise at all to learn that Microsoft is indeed introducing Windows Mobile 7 during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

    According to sources being cited by the Wall Street Journal, Monday is the day Microsoft will unveil the newest version of Windows Mobile.

    Not much was said about how the new system software will work. The Journal's sources only said, "The operating system sports a revamped user interface that resembles the look of Microsoft's Zune HD music player and is designed for devices with touch-sensing screens."

    This statement pretty much confirms a number of the reports that have been circulating for months. Microsoft has been exploring an entirely new way to interact with Windows Mobile in light of the competition being presented by Apple, Google, RIM and others. Windows Mobile 7 is its chance to break with the past and make some serious changes to the OS.

    Microsoft has confirmed that CEO Steve Ballmer will be giving the presentation during its press conference, which is scheduled for 3 PM CET, Monday, Feb. 15. I'd say a wholly new version of WinMo demands his presence and I am looking forward to learning more.

    Devices running WinMo 7 won't hit the market until closer to the end of 2010.
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