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    well its just after 2pm here in PA and still no update... i was checking starting at midnight last night and all i get are non existent app updates (btw, does anyone else get those?) hopefully it will come soon, i wanna shoot some video of this snow thats falling... again =)
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    LOL... i love the tags on this thread. +1
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Become a dev with early access

    They should have had it for several weeks now
    good point, but is it too much to ask for a ****ING TIMELY UPDATE? It's 11:12am in Cali and 2:12pm back on the East Coast. If I could get my hands on the person deciding when to release it...I would dust off his suit and ask him to release it.
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    Haha, wow. It's a mini forum riot.
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    lol this wont hit today.............
    when 1.3 came out it was up and ready to dl since the morning...also when the 1.3.5 was out it was in the morning.........wen also was in the morning and look now we are pas the morning and still no update lol.................i guess sprint made a switch and bake lol
    note if i wrote it wrong you get my point
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters3605 View Post
    Come on people, have you got nothing better to do then sit and wait for a 1.4 update?

    When it does drop, then everyone will start posting their gripes because it doesn't do this or that.

    You people build it up so much that it will never meet your expectations.

    I am tired of seeing posts from your over-reactions.

    It is what is, expect nothing major and be surprised.
    Quote Originally Posted by mjkjr View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by PREferred View Post
    In answer to your first question. NO.
    Second question. Well duh. And then we wait for the next update.
    Third question. But we are good at that.
    Fourth question. Agreed.
    Fifth question. But that's a gloomy outlook on life.

    I sure wish I could read, I only saw one question and 4

    so is 1.3.5 out yet?

    *hey stop throwing tomatoes at me!*
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    Quote Originally Posted by orlando_c View Post
    LOL... i love the tags on this thread. +1
    Haha, I just noticed that!
    People are having to much fun trolling.
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    why, when i try to start the whole preware process does it say device not found? i have the webOS version but i also dowloaded the latest version of the quick install... i even tried doing it through command prompt. ahhhhh help
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    What if they FINALLY released the update and it was to version and all they changed was the background?
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    oh how i hate anticipation
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    When I just attempted to load the latest Preware, I got a message indicating the App catalog was being updated.

    Don't know if that means anything, but, if not, at least I get to participate in the hysteria.
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    Who gets Midnight last?


    When it is 2/16 around the world, then I'll unstick this thread.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpreuser1985 View Post
    What if they FINALLY released the update and it was to version and all they changed was the background?
    There already is in Europe I believe.
    And that would be really flippin stupid, considering you can change your own background.
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    Wrong thread.....
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    OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT DOES THAT MEAN ITS HERE? I'm just kidding guys, I really don't care if it shows up today, but really, I do care and will have everyone I know short PaIm's stock until it dies. No really, its okay! hahahahaha, I love this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demlor View Post
    There already is in Europe I believe.
    And that would be really flippin stupid, considering you can change your own background.
    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I'm just kidding. All this anticipation and we get a new background and that's it. Isn't that funny? I think it is. I'm at work and while I will keep contributing to the hysteria that is this thread, I must get back to work as well. GOOD LUCK! (I'll probably make another post in a few minutes.)
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    Maybe we should all boycott this thread till it's released. Lol.

    Hey so we have to reinstall themes. If I just use the default theme, how do I reinstall since I can't uninstall it? I mean to reinstall something one must uninstall it first, right?
    *hears crickets*

    Did they release 1.2 yet? I can't wait!

    We should make a new thread to discuss this thread :-D

    Oh never mind I took the wrong medication again, lol
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    Usually the updates happen in the early evening, around 7-8 EST.
    I'll still be checking before that though.
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    LOL...looks like the Mods did quite a cleanup of the boards to merge 1000 or so 'when is the update hitting' threads!
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    This thread is more entertaining than the Olympics on NBC, well at least until Hockey starts. BUT hopefully we will have the update before then...

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