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    im just going to bump this thread to get even more peoples takes on a logo for webos
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    autodidact's one is PERFECT. Seriously, it looks just right. A shame palm can't use it now without paying!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gr3yGhOsT View Post
    Here is what I was thinking regarding a 'Palm' logo.

    Too obvious?
    i dont mind that one...its ok
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    How about an orange colored hand with an apple sitting on the palm of it then have a same pic next to it showing the hand closed and the apple smashed,and with the hand closed it will say palm or web os kindda like tattooed to the knockles..... just an idea maybe the color of the apple should be silver lmao
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    A shame palm can't use it now without paying!
    We'll work it out in stocks, so they don't really feel the pain. 8o)
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    Quote Originally Posted by autodidact View Post
    Good one! 8o)

    Some of the ideas here made me waste some perfectly good work-time playing around with the card metaphor mostly trying to keep it simplistic, as the concept of the cards is. Card with a bite, sorry for the borrow there ... 8o)
    I love the one where "os" is part of the card
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    Do you want me to make an avatar-file on that one for you?
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