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    but it would also show it comes in all shapes and sizes
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    Come up with the little recognizable cartoon mascot and throw him at the top of the voltron-esque heap and I think you've got something. If it's successful like Tux or the Android people will make all sorts of pictures on there own. Of course it would have helped if this was all done by ya know, Palms marketing department But I digress, I guess Apple didn't need a cute logo char and so Rubi doesn't think Palm does either.
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    I think it should just be an orange. It's Palm's colour, and everyone is always trying to compare apples to oranges...
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    we could see it as palm leaving it up to the community to represent webos instead of a symbol made by a marketing team
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roisen View Post
    I think it should just be an orange. It's Palm's colour, and everyone is always trying to compare apples to oranges...
    Good call, I however have an anti-fruit logo thing right now which pretty much includes Apple and Fruit of the Loom. Make Palm's logo an orange and I have to either

    A.) Make my hate more specific, and less encompassing.
    B.) Abandon Palm as a brand.
    C.) Like fruit logos.

    None of these I can currently see me doing so...
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    yeah palm doesnt want to take on apple directly because no matter how much better their product is apple will always sell its just got the cool factor
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    yeah, i thought about it after i typed it, was just thinking of it on top you know?
    Palm prē-ist.
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    what about just a tux peguin with a heart mom tattoo only with an orange palm logo in the heart shape?
    Palm prē-ist.
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    im not too fond of the tux i mean i get staying true to webos's linux roots but we also should try to seperate from them because there are plenty of people who have never even heard of linux
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    [IMG][/IMG] that didnt work! lol
    Palm prē-ist.
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    but thats just it when i see that i think linux not webos
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    how about a panda the black and white is symbolic of tux but its also its own animal

    heres even a concept pic i borrowed from google image search
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    i agree, hmmm this is a good question! thank god im not an advertiser.

    i would say a reason for liking the driod's marketing is that it is manly, well geeky, but we cant exactly say what webos means in spanish can we lol

    Palm prē-ist.
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    well webos literally means eggs so like one of the earlier posters said we could always do something with that
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    before it was an operating system i have always heard it as a slang for testicles myself, and i know im not the only one. eggs would work though, i guess......
    Palm prē-ist.
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    i guess using the slang usage would save it from being the mom phone although if both are on at once it could be funny
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    lol i can hear it spreading across the school yard now, "dude your mom has webos on her cheek" lol
    Palm prē-ist.
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    I'm drawing something now cause I decided I was bored. Gimme a bit and I'll have a rough pic of what I imagine a WebO would be. Of course you'd always have to have more than one so they can be WebO's.
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    eagerly waiting
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    i know this is outta left field and all but what about something to do with a palm leaf grasshopper? just think about it for a minute.....idk, im tired
    Palm prē-ist.
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