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    When a meeting reminder pops up for the first time and I attempt to dismiss it, it snoozes for 5 minutes instead. I am pushing the dismiss button, but it is snoozing instead; without fail.

    Is this a known issue? I have searched the forums and not found any mention of it.

    I have the Palm Pre Plus with webOS V1.3.5.1
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    got the same problem...
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    I believe this can happen if you suffer from a bug which prevents the device from keeping time correctly - the trouble is that nobody has found a proper solution for preventing this. Have you noticed that your Pre Plus isn't telling the correct time?

    I could be wrong, but I'm sure I've read about a link between these two issues. If that's the case then we are all relying on the upcoming 1.4 firmware update to fix this issue, although some people claim that it's an issue with the battery rather than the software.

    I expect this post has raised more questions than answered, so sorry about that
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    My phone tells time correctly. It seems to not distinguish buttons correctly.
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    I have the same problem. My Pre shows the correct time, so that's not it. It just keeps reminding me of events that I've dismissed. The first few times it says "Snoozing for 5 minutes" even though I've definitely told it to dismiss the alarm. It then reminds me several more times before it stops. I'm also on WebOS

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    I have seemingly the same problem, but I don't think it's a snooze issue. I used to have that problem as well, but it seems to have been corrected with WebOS 1.4.

    In my case, my primary calendar is via Exchange. I'm also logged into a Google calendar which is a replica of my Exchange calendar and also my wife's calendar. This way we can see and edit each other's calendars, but Exchange can still be my primary.

    I have my Google calendar NOT VISIBLE and there are no reminders set. However, after I dismiss the accurate notification from Exchange, I'll get another notification anywhere from 5-30 minutes later for the same appointment. I used to think it was the snooze, but when I open the second one rather than dismiss, it is clearly coming from Google rather than Exchange.

    1. Why would I get a reminder from Google if it is NOT VISIBLE and doesn't have reminders?
    2. Why would the Google notifications ALWAYS come 5-30 minutes later than the Exchange reminder?
    3. HELP!


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