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    Greetings fellow webOS enthusiasts. I just wanted to give everyone on this forum a heads up about a site that I occasionally contribute to: webOSroundup. You can find a bunch of reviews (most with video) and articles about apps and general webOS news.

    Not only that, but today there's now appRoundup, a section where you can check out all the apps not only in the official Catalog, but also in the Homebrew, Beta and Web feeds as well. Check out screenshots, see scores and send download links directly to your phone. A lot like what PreCentral already does with their own App Gallery, which is a great utility.

    One thing that makes appRoundup a little unique is that you can also check out which apps have the most "buzz", the ones that are being mentioned most on Twitter and in various Blog entries on the web. This will help you keep up to date with what everyone's talking about concerning webOS apps.

    here's a quick shot of what it looks like:

    Hopefully the guys here at PreCentral don't mind me spreading the word about what's new at webOSroundup, but I think it's a great addition to what's available in terms of exploring and discovering new webOS apps. I've been an avid fan of P|C since its inception and continue to check it out every day for up to date news and info in the world of webOS, but with webOSroundup and appRoundup now you have a fresh new way to get a taste of what's available for webOS phones.

    Hope you check it out and enjoy! Thanks.
    webOSroundup - App Reviews, News and More
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    Good job. I like the overall design but too bad we can't see more than 5 apps in each category.
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    @Sethiathome - That is one of the first things coming!! Stay tuned.

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