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    So, not quite sure what IRC is? No problem. Here's the definitive guide so you can get started:

    What is it?
    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat - it's an instant messaging protocol like MSN Messenger or AIM - but instead of chatting to one person at a time, you chat in a public 'channel' where everyone can join in. So, in a way it's just like talking on the forums, except it all happens in real-time. Of course, if you want to one person privately you can do that too.

    Why would I use it?
    Well it's one way to get help fast. Once you have an established channel full of people, all you have to do is ask a question and someone is likely to give you an answer immediately - it can be quicker and easier than creating a new forum thread and hoping someone will respond. Also, you can ask little questions that might not warrant a whole new forum thread. More over though, it's a great place to make friends and chat about stuff.

    Who else uses it?
    Tens of thousands of people use IRC across the globe, and all for different reasons. The more people that join in, the more useful the channel becomes for everyone.

    Ok, enough talk - how do I get started?
    Depends if you want to use IRC from your PC or from your Pre/Pixi (see below). This tutorial will teach you how to connect to one particular channel called #webos on one particular network called Freenode - though there are countless other networks and channels that you can join if you prefer.

    Using IRC in Windows

    1) Install mIRC. You can get it for free at mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client.

    2) Load mIRC - this window will pop up. Select the Servers tab (as shown below) and scroll down until you find Freenode. Double click Freenode, and then Double Click on Random Server.

    3) Now you'll be taken to the Connect screen. Fill in your Full name, Email address (can be fake) and nickname and then hit Connect. Note: it might take up to 20 seconds to fully connect. Try to choose an uncommon username.

    4) Once you're connected, this window will pop up. Just type #webos in the box (as shown below) and hit Join.

    Congratulations, you're now on IRC You can see a list of the other users in the channel on the right hand side.

    Using IRC from your Palm Pre or Palm Pixi:

    The best way to use IRC on your WebOS device is to install wIRC. You can find it in Preware.

    1) Launch the app

    2) Select the + (plus) button at the bottom right.

    3) Scroll down the list and select Freenode.

    4) Once you choose Freenode, you'll be presented with a list of servers - I'd recommend choosing the top one ( but any one will do.

    5) The next screen is mostly filled out for you, just make sure you choose a nickname and then select Advanced (not Save!).

    6) In the Advanced options screen, ignore everything except the Perform on Connect area at the bottom - select New.

    7) Type the following, including all symbols: /join #webos and then use the back gesture to save your configuration.

    8) Finally, simply click the little plug icon to connect.
    RED means you're disconnected (click this to connect)
    GREEN means you're connected (click this to disconnect)

    Now you're done - to see who else is online in the channel, click the little man icon in the top right.

    And finally...
    One last thing - if people don't answer you straight away or the place seems quiet, don't take it personally. People may be at work or asleep, so be patient and keep coming back - the more people we have, the more active the channel will be. Hope to see lots of you in the channel, let us know if you need any more help getting online, we are happy to help
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    What a great way to get quick answers.
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    Please feel free to remove this from Sticky Status now. The channel ##PreIRC has been disbanded due to lack of interest.

    The tutorial has been updated to help users connect to #webos on Freenode.

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    oh come on.. its only needn 4 days... you have to give people time to find the post!
    damn went through all of this and its been disbanded.. lol ... ugh!
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    this is sweet... i maybe using this more often
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    You can still connect to #webos - you might also like to try #webos-internals and #wirc

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    Can anyone help me? I downloaded wIRC via QuickInstall.

    It doesnt connect to any server I try, it just shows the spinning circle, but never connects. If I click the spinning circle it says:

    Servicename: us.ryanhope.wIRC
    returnvalue: false
    errorcode: -1
    errortect: us.ryanhope.wIRC is not running.
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    Hi trick440,
    The solution is pretty simple, you need to install a second package called wIRCd - if you install wIRC from Preware instead of WOSQI it will automatically install both packages.
    Let me know if you need any more help.
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    SqyArc: Thanks for this post, I used it myself shortly after you posted initially but forgot to give my thanks after getting all setup. Good instructions.
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    Always glad to help
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    there seems to be a problem its trying to make me pay $20 for mIRC anyone have any advice?
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    thanks bro. Pretty helpful
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    Yes thnx
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    I caught that too! My wife was laughing at me for being such a Palm geek when I suddenly paused and rewinded the Tivo to point it out while we were watching the show this evening
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    Quote Originally Posted by xoithitquay View Post
    I caught that too! My wife was laughing at me for being such a Palm geek when I suddenly paused and rewinded the Tivo to point it out while we were watching the show this evening
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    Thanks a lot. very helpful
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    have fun with makeing your own commands too. If I type /webos I join webos's irc. If i type /iwebos it joins webos internals irc. /mwat joins #mobile-watercooler etc...
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    Hi folks. I really want to get this working consistently, but I'm having trouble.

    I'm trying to reach a certain room on

    Last night, at home & connected to wifi, I was able to connect to it, but only after connecting to the #webos chat on freenode first. This morning I was able to reach the room again, but I didn't have to connect to freenode.

    Thirty minutes later, with only a 3G signal, I can't connect to the java server, but have no problems connecting to the freenode server. (Which is why I've been popping in and out of #webos this morning, apologies.)

    If anyone has an idea I would appreciate it.
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