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    I am in desperate need for a financial app that will sync with Quicken on my home computer. Are there any solutions/workarounds? I used to use Classic to sync Pocket Quicken, but the UI and load time makes that a very undesirable solution, plus the sync from Classic only seemd to work when it feels like it. I like the interface of some of the financial apps out there (e.g. Checkbook) but they don't offer syncing solutions to Quicken. Once 1.4 comes out and I have video, this will be the last hole/missing feature from my treo, which I am still carrying around since I can't reliably use my Pre to sync with Quicken.

    Any ideas/solutions/apps would be greatly appreciated; in reading through the forums, I know I am not alone in this need. I paid $30 twice for Pocket Quicken for Palm for my and my wife's Treos, and I basically paid the same for Classic with using pocket quicken being the only use in mind when I paid. I would happily pay that much or more for an app that would sync with Quicken, and I'm sure many others would too.

    Maybe I am impatient, but I was sure there would be an app with this capability by now!

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    I'm with ya 100%! This is a gaping hole in the Pre experience. I used Pocket Quicken all the time on my Centro and am constantly wishing I had it back. (I wiped everything off the Centro before I really understood this problem and have not reloaded it, so I'm completely without that feature.) I went so far as to purchase Classic and download the PktQuicken_2.5.prc file, and was to the point of trying to figure out how to do a HotSync when I got confused by conflicting instructions and chickened out. Upon seeing that others are having difficulty with this approach I'm now inclined to avoid the brain damage and hope that another solution will be forthcoming. For anyone who might be listening, this is really frustrating.
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    I am with you guys/girls. I invested heavily in my Palm 700/800/Pro just to utilize Ultrasoft Money. I purchased Classic but I don't like the UI. I have resorted to using YodLee in conjunction with my Microsoft Money. YodLee is really good for a free money management site. I confirmed with American Express and Chase that it is up to industry standard with security and it has a mobile site that is usable on the Pre.

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