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    hey guys im using mytether to tether my palm pre, and im running utorrent and when i check to see if the port is open, it says its closed therefor limiting my download speeds.

    Does anyone know how to open ports??? i have no idea how to do this, is there a certain port i have to use in utorrent that is open on the pre?

    Please help thanks.

    Believe it or not my 3G connection is faster then my RR 756k cable. Road runner should be ****in sued for this theft. When i had them paying $45 dollars a month it worked fine, now that i went for the lowest package i can barley load youtube videos properly.

    anyway any help would be appreciated.
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    Utorrent + pre =/= not good

    I remember some guy had a torrent app running on his pre and the general consensus is that running a torrent app over the sprint network is bad mojo.

    Just my $.02

    I am sure there is some config file somewhere in mytether that will allow it, as I assume you are talking about NAT?
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    I don't think you'll find too many people around here who are willing to help you screw everyone else over.
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    it cant be that difficult to do. a config file somewhere is my best guess...

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