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    Just happpened to me also. Has anyone heard of a fix for this? I tried removing the battery and starting it again, but no luck. The battery just keeps draining really fast. And nothing changed to make it start happening. Just struck out of the blue.
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    Having the same issue and tried everything removing patches, restarting, etc. I just was having good battery life a day ago so don't think it is a faulty battery. This has to be some software issue.
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    I think its time to revive this thread since I am still having issues! Can someone let the developers know whats going on so someone can get to the bottom of it? Mine does this when i get anywhere from 20-29%, and restarting does nothing for it. Also, playing with the battery does nothing either. I need that last 1/4 to 1/3 of my battery, so can someone please come up with a solution?
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    Usually, when I use my music player, no matter what the situation, it doesn't make it to the 20% warning. But now I have made it to the 10% warning and I think it was from installing the battery monitor app. Somehow, it has fixed something with the sudden drop. But I still have a major drain per hour (22ish%), so when I figure out what that is, I will post it.
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    same issue here, soon after going below 20% it jumps right to 0% and gives me the message about the phone turning off soon. I haven't seen the battery even get to the 10% warning in a looong time
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    Quote Originally Posted by devonair View Post
    Has anyone else experienced a sudden drop in battery percentage out of nowhere?

    I'm running WebOS on a Sprint Pre, and my battery life indicator will drop to 0% randomly. This is not a situation of the battery running low and then getting the "will shut off soon" error. Instead, I often see this error when the battery reports about 80-something percent... and then minutes later I will get the warning ringtone and my battery will report 0%. What the...???

    Restarting Luna will clear the error, and return me to my previous battery percentage. But it's obviously inconvenient to have to unexpectedly reboot my phone to return to a working state.
    wow.. my batt does drain a lot,but that's cause I'm using it all the time... even at five percent my phone still last awhile before completely turn off.
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    Is there an app to show you what processes are running in the background? I have seen quite a bit of battery drain recently, and have no idea what is causing it.
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    I know its been quite some time since I said I would check out what was causing my drain, but I had the unfortunate event of having to almost Doctor my phone, so I ended up making my phone stock again. I discovered my phone was not causing the drop, it was in fact the battery. I coupled this with the fact my centro battery never had the same problems when I was using it in my Pre (if you do not know by now, the centro and Pre batteries are exactly the same). So i went to the Sprint store and have a new battery coming and it should remedy the problem. No questions asked either... go Sprint.
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    I have this problem daily. I don't have any patches installed at all. Never even loaded preware on this current pre. I will have a 35% battery power and within 5 mins I will get the 0% notification. I have to charge it constantly all day out of fear that it's gonna die. If you have any info on how to fix this PLEASE PM me.
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