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    Anyone know a way to customize the sound level or ringtone for the messages that come through? Rather then just a quiet beep and vibrate.
    If not. Hope there is a patch or update to fix that.
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    i assume you want to change the tone for text/IM messages? open the messaging app, then open the drop down menu on the top left and select preferences and accounts. Tap "system alert" and choose the "ringtone" option. It will take you to a list of your ringtones where you can select the one you want it to play for messaging. The sound level is adjusted by the volume rocker on the side of the phone. the only way you can make the tone louder if your volume is maxed out, is to tweak the sound file, that i cant help you on, but someone may chime in on how to do it.

    To load ringtones, plug your phone in to your computer with USB cable and drag and drop you tones into the pre folder, it doesnt need to go in a file, the system will automatically determine which apps can use it. then open up "sounds and ringtones" app, and tap ringtones. tap the icon on the bottom left that shows a music note and a +. it will list all of the sound files on your device, tap a sound file/song from the list to create the ringtone.
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    how did i not see this before??? this was in an update, surely? i seem to remember at launch the pre couldn't do custom sms sounds?
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