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    I am trying to uninstall patches or install and neither will work. I get the error in preware. And in WOQU it tells me file cannot be found though it shows up in preware and device management. I am running I wonder if i have to restore to the complete factory settings where it deletes everything on the phone. but how will i go about that? because i tried it with webosdoctor and things were still there. what should i do so i can have it like a palm pre i just bought?
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    The day may come that you are going to give your iPhone 3G away, but you don't want the recipient to have any of your personal information. There is an easy way to delete everything off of your iPhone and restore it back to factory settings. This article will walk you through those steps.
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    Try entering into Developer mode. Just type "webos20090606" into Universal Search without the quotes.

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