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    I don't know how often I actually use the quicklaunch wave, but I can just as easily goto card view to see the quicklaunch bar. I know I never use the launcher icon to go to the launcher, so I really don't need it there. It might be cool if the quicklaunch wave was different when you are in a app. What if the quicklaunch wave was the button icons for whatever app you are looking at. For example, in the browser, there is the reload, back and forward buttons. What if they wernt there unless you brought up the wave? And then in the wave, you could reload, or go to any of those buttons? It would provide more reading realestate on the browser and in each app that has buttons.

    I know I can hide buttons and do a bunch of this with patches, but I don't think a patch could replace the quicklaunch wave with the applications' buttons, so I decided to throw that idea out here instead.

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    I still probably wouldn't use it.

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