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    OK. I've had palm devices since the pilot 5000 over a decade ago.
    I've been 'in' the biz and have come to expect certain things of Palm devices.

    So, when I tossed my 755P into a drawer and bought my Palm Pre (Sprint) from Best Buy about three weeks ago after lusting after it for a year, i sure didn't expect that Universal Search would have the little blind spot I've observed:

    If I search for "Dale & Marge Compeau" record in my Contacts, I can't find the record if the 'name' field has been filled with that, since the search function (both accessed from Phone app or from Launcher via 'universal') only looks at the first word and the last word, as near as I can figure out their algorithm.


    Is this really the case or am I missing something.

    Yes--I searched the forum history (fat lot of good that did me, since there were hundreds of msgs that came back no matter the terms I entered) Hence my new thread. And, yes, I imagine there are subtleties to the Universal search algorithm I have yet to discover and moan about...that others may be able to illumine for me... But has anyone been able to fathom why -- within the same field in the SQL database (?) on the device -- palm chose to only inspect certain WORDS in the course of the search?
    They DIDN'T seem to use this logic for the COMPANY field, since, yes, I quickly figured out that I could work around this silliness by repeating the name of my contact/s in the Company field and thus find them via any combination of search string... but wth would they omit searching 'middle words' or text strings in a NAME?? What about "Van..." names? geez.

    Anyone seen a hack or workaround beyond what I've discovered for this issue?

    And yes, I'm still hoping we'll see true universal (read: search of full contact record, including Notes field, etc.) search sometime VERY soon, as that is what made Palm Search so incredibly useful before.

    As someone with well over 6K contacts in my Pre now, I kinda need this stuff to work as it was conceived or everything pretty much falls apart.

    Mike Compeau
    Michael Compeau
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    How are you expecting the lookup on complicated names like that to perform?

    In your example, if I create a contact as you describe (Dale & Marge Compeau), when I look it up with Universal Search, I type "DCO" and it comes right up in the results.

    Have you looked in the Name Details to ensure that "Dale & Marge" is all in the First Name field and "Compeau" is in the Last Name field?
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    Goto add a new Contact Such as AB Luke and while in Edit mode goto name details

    Put AB as the First Name and Luke as the Middle Name

    and now when you search for AB - all AB's will come up and you just look for Luke

    check out the rest of that thread here
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    @Sketch, that's for a completely different issue, where someone wanted to categorize their Alberta, Canada contacts. The OP's problem is that he wants Universal Search to search in the middle of a name and not how Palm designed it (First Initial and Last Name, First Name, or Last Name).

    I'm assuming he wants to be able to search for "Marge" in the middle of "Dale & Marge Compeau" and the search algorithm isn't designed to work that way.
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    yea i know its for a different issue but its the same ... LoL

    what i mean is, is its how he's organizing his contacts. for ex: this contact (Dale & Marge Compeau) should be filed as a company IMHO if youre not going to file it as The Compeau Family .... so that thread that i posted simply goes through many diff scenarios as to how to sort contacts, albeit not so eloquently but eh...

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