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    Is there a way to type a phone number in an email without it being automatically turned into a clickable link? Specifically, I'm trying to add my cell phone number to my Pre email signature, but I think the issue occurs when typing the body of an email as well. After a certain number of digits, the number becomes blue and underlined and clickable, and appears to the recipient as such. There must be a way to include a phone number and have it be regular unclickable black text like the rest of the email, right?
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    try leaving extra spaces or dots inbetween. On another note I find it a very useful feature and use it quite often. Simple stupid works in my book
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    try leaving extra spaces or dots inbetween.
    This doesn't work for me. I'm thinking that maybe there is a keyboard command or string that makes these numbers unclickable. Or maybe that's wishful thinking.
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