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    So I don't even have my Pre+ yet (waiting til end of Feb for my upgrade window to open), but I am trying to do a lot of app research before then so I can hop on and fly as soon as I get home with the sucker.

    That being said, I see a lot of similar apps in the App catalog and was wondering if those who have already used them could offer advice.

    My first question is about these movie apps - Fandango vs. Flixster.

    They sound similar but I am sure there are differences in features and usability. For example, one review I saw said you couldn't order tickets through Flixster. Can you with Fandango?

    Any thoughts on these?

    I know I know. I will probably end up installing all and uninstalling one of them, but was just curious...
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    they are both good apps..I personally use flixster more and installed fandango just in case I would ever need to buy movie tickets ahead of time and want it to be discreet. The rating system on them both I feel requires a learning curve unless you are used to it. Fyi rotten tomatoes on flixster is critical and sometimes in my opinion wrong about certain movies so use the flixster rating system and it hasn't failed me yet.
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    Yes Fandango lets you purchase tickets but only certain theaters have that, luckily the theater I go to has that feature. But yeah there both pretty cool, flixster lets you add movies to your calendar and such.
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    I can't remember which, but last I checked, one of the apps had horrible quality trailers compared to the other. I can't remember but I think it was Fandango that had the better ones. And then, if I'm remembering correctly, Flixster had better calendar functionality: you didn't have to be buying tickets through them to be able to add a movie to your calendar.

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