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    So I don't even have my Pre+ yet (waiting til end of Feb for my upgrade window to open), but I am trying to do a lot of app research before then so I can hop on and fly as soon as I get home with the sucker.

    That being said, I see a lot of similar apps in the App catalog and was wondering if those who have already used them could offer advice.

    My first question is about these location based apps - Where, Citysearch, and Yelp.

    They sound similar but I am sure there are differences in features and usability.

    Any thoughts on these?

    I know I know. I will probably end up installing all and uninstalling 2 of the 3, but was just curious...
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    I actually have all three on there. I like where for overall searching including movies, restaurants, etc, though I use google maps/sprint navigation instead of the yellow pages in where. I like the interface on yelp better for restaurant reviews. Don't really use city search much...

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