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    think the trackpad is ideal with these touch based OS's. Since the screen is generally limited to movement, a secondary method for cursor type navigation is sorely needed and often overlooked. I was using the Samsung Moment for quite awhile and having the 4-way direction keys was just a godsend. Navigating and selecting text was just so smooth and easy. Having the ability to combine that with keyboard shortcuts would just be the perfect compliment. I really don't understand the trend on these touchscreen phones (outside of cost) to move away from d-pads, trackpads and trackballs. It's more important on capacative screens than it was on conductive just for the pinpoint precision without having to zoom in and out all time. Zoom in to select. Zoom out to read and type. It's a pain.
    Well said Crogs571. The thig I miss the most from many years of Treos/Centros is the 5 Way Navigator that allowed you to quickly navigate around within an app from element to element (fields, links, buttons, etc.). I'm not saying that I want a 5 way nav again but I do want that functionality back some how.
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    The lack of Tab (or really any way to move between fields in a
    web form with the keyboard) was my very first gripe with this
    phone many months ago. I found it annoying then, and I still
    find it very annoying today. I spend a lot of time dealing with
    web form entry screens.

    My guess though is that the Webkit based browser is lacking underlying
    support for tab order, so even if it had a tab function, it wouldn't know
    where to go next when you hit it. Maintaining proper tab order
    can be a pain even for a full fledged desktop browser.

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