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    Maybe I've been lucky (for once in my life!)... but until recently I've had little to no problems with my patched Pre, which I've had since June/July.
    However a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that it was acting pretty sluggish. I decided to remove all patches through PreWare, and I did not notice any errors etc.. This was done not only to see if the performance would regain, but also in anticipation of the upcoming update.
    HOWEVER... it seems as though sporadically my Pre will now not respond. Every once in a while "freeze" and re-boot itself. This may happen while viewing web pages, in email and the other day while I was paging through my contacts.

    I'm sure after 7-8 months of abuse, a little love is needed to be shown. However, I'm not sure in which direction I should turn. Reset - Docor - or some other option.

    I'm usually able to read through the forums and find a fix or idea from previous posts. This seems to be a subject that confuses me (mental anxiety block???). Any ideas or suggestions on which way you'd proceed. This doesn't happen very often... but that it happens at all, when I know it shouldn't is of concern. Thanks in advance for comments.
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    Add-on from above...
    I still have installed (when I checked using Preware) the following:
    Linux Application: 1) Diffstat 2) Extract PDF Viewer Application 3) GNU Patch
    Service: 1) Package Manager Service 2) Upstart manager Service

    I have asked in a previous post if any of the above should be removed before OTA update... but I've never gotten a reply (or never checked back..). I never have in the past, but thought I'd pose this information out as well, in case anyone would think the information was of merit.
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    Just run WebOs Repair Utility

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