After updating to 1.3.5, I had to doctor my pre because preware wouldn't work and I couldn't be without it. Backup seemed to work without any problems. My speeddials transferred, and I thought everything was fine until I tried to change the number assigned to number six. I was able to delete it without any problems, but have not been able to sign a new number to that slot.

I am willing to doctor my phone again to be able to set up speed dial, but because of backup, which runs daily on my pre, I am assuming, now has this new error, won't it reinstall the error once I doctor and use backup to copy over my contacts and other personal data?

What do I do about this problem? I have been searching for well over a month for a solution and have found nothing.

I really hate not having the ability to edit the information in backup if I am going to be dealing with the inability to change speed dial assignments.

Does anyone know of a way to edit the information in backup in such a situation? I am at my wits end regarding the problem. Please help! I don't want to go through the hassle of doctoring my pre again, if the same error is just going to be reinstalled by backup. Has anyone else had this issue? It is SO FRUSTRATING!!!